View current Long Track or Short Track Rules and Regulations. 

Long Track Athlete Services Grid >>

Short Track Athlete Services Grid >>

The Athlete Services Grid is a tool for USS Athletes to better understand what services and benefits are associated with the elite National Training Program (NTP) and partnering USS development training center programs. The grid identifies some services and benefits associated with the Level System of skaters, as defined in the relevant discipline of USS rules and regulations.

USS Team Travel Policy >>

The Team Travel policy provides information to travelers eligible, selected or qualified to represent the U.S. in domestic and international team travel. Clear policies and procedures assist USS to be diligent and financially responsible in planning and executing travel.

USOC Athlete Ombudsman Office >>

A resource to serve athletes with confidential and independent advice regarding policies and procedures associated with participating in sport at an elite level. The Ombudsman can help athletes with conflict resolutions regarding National Governing Body and USOC bylaws, policies and procedures. 

Operation Gold Criteria >>

Operation Gold is an incentive award program that rewards performances at the USS identified qualifying events each year.