Name: Mia Manganello Kilburg
Sport: Speedskating
Discipline(s): Long Track Speedskating
Height: 5'8"
DOB: 10/27/1989
Hometown: Crestview, Fla.
Team/Club: Long Track National Training Program
Olympic Experience
  • 2022 Beijing Olympic Team Member - Mass Start 4th; 3000m 19th; 1500m 20th
  • 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games - Team Pursuit Bronze; Mass Start 15th; 1500m 22nd
  • Qualified for the 2018 U.S. Olympic Team - finished 2nd in the Mass Start, and 3rd in the 1000m and 1500m
World Championship Experience
  • 2022 World Allround Championships - 1500m 12th; 500m 13th; 3000m 15th
  • 2020 Four Continents Championship - 3000m Gold, Mass Start Gold, Team Pursuit Bronze, 1500m Bronze
  • 2019-20 World Single Distance Championships
  • 2018-19 World Single Distance Championships: Mass Start 8th
  • 2016-17 World Single Distance Championships - 5000m 11th; 3000m 13th; 1500m 14th
  • 2008-09 Long Track Junior World Championships - 500m 42nd; 1500m 48th
  • 2007-08 Long Track Junior World Championships - 3000m 7th; 1500m 8th; 1000m 9th; 500m 21st
  • 2006-07 Long Track Junior World Championships - 1500m 12th; 500m 17th; 1000m 18th; 3000m 19th
  • 2005-06 Long Track Junior World Championships
Other Career Highlights
  • 2022 Olympic Team Trials - 3000m Gold; 1500m Silver; Mass Start Silver
  • 2021-22 World Cup 4 - Mass Start 5th; 1500m 6th (B); 3000m 13th (B)
  • 2021-22 World Cup 3 - Mass Start 9th; 3000m 6th (B); 1500m 9th (B)
  • 2021-22 World Cup 2 - 1500m 16th (B); 1000m 22nd (B)
  • 2021-22 World Cup 1 - Team Pursuit 8th; Mass Start 9th; 1500m 7th (B); 3000m 9th (B)
  • 2021-22 Fall World Cup Team
  • 2016-22 Long Track National Training Program
  • 2021 US Championships - 5000m Gold; 3000m Gold; 1500m Gold; Team Pursuit Gold; 1000m Bronze
  • 2019-20 World Cup 4 - Nagano - Mass Start Bronze
  • 2018-19 World Cup Finals - Salt Lake City - Mass Start 24th overall; 3000m 46th overall; 1500m 50th overall
  • 2018-19 World Cup 5 - Hamar - 3000m (B) 10th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 4 - Heerenveen - Mass Start 10th; 1500m (B) 14th; 3000m (B) 20th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 3 - Poland - Team Pursuit 7th; 1500m (B) 16th
  • 2017-18 World Cup Salt Lake City - 1500m 8th
  • 2017-18 World Cup Calgary - Mass Start 6th; Team Pursuit 8th; B 1500m 16th; B 3000m 19th
  • 2017-18 World Cup Stavanger - 5000m 12th; 1500m 20th
  • 2017-18 World Cup Heerenveen - B 3000m 5th; B 1500m 6th; Team Pursuit 7th
  • 2015-16 American Cup Final - 1500m Gold; 3000m Gold
  • 2015-16 Long Track National Championships - 3000m Gold
  • 2008-09 American Cup Final - 1500m Silver; 3000m Silver
  • 2008-09 Long Track North American Championships - 1500m Bronze
  • 2008-09 Junior National Championships - 500m Gold; 1000m Gold; 1500m Gold; 3000m Gold
  • 2007-08 Junior National Allround Championships - 1000m Gold; 3000m Gold; 1500m Gold; 500m Silver
  • 2007-08 Junior National Sprint Championships - 1000m Silver
  • 2007-08 American Cup 1 - 1500m Bronze
  • 2006-07 Junior National Championships - 1000m Gold; 1500m Gold; 3000m Gold; 500m Silver
Personal: At the age of eight, Mia started inline skating, but she switched over to the ice just five years later in order to chase her Olympic dream. Following the 2010 Olympic Trials, Mia chose to take a break from speed skating and found a new passion for cycling where she raced professionally for five years before returning to speed skating in early 2016. As a returning athlete, she wants to cherish every moment and live her life by the following words: "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.” Both of Mia’s parents, Karen and Dominic, have owned an Italian restaurant her entire life. To quote Mia, “There is nothing better than growing up in a kitchen. The lessons and responsibilities you learn are irreplaceable with the greatest reward being the amount of pizza you get to eat.”