Name: Kristen Santos
Sport: Speedskating
Discipline(s): Short Track Speedskating
Height: 5-6
DOB: 11/2/1994
Hometown: Fairfield , Conn.
World Championship Experience
  • 2021 World Championships - 500m 4th; 3000m 6th; Overall 8th; B 3000m Relay Bronze
  • 2020 Four Continents Championship - 3000m Relay 4th
  • 2019 World Short Track Championships - 1000m 12th; 1500m 15th; 500m 16th
  • 2013 World Junior Championships - 3000m Relay 12th
Other Career Highlights
  • 2021 Fall World Cup Team
  • 2015-22 Short Track National Training Program
  • 2019-20 Short Track World Cup 4 - Shanghai: 3000m Relay Bronze
  • 2019-20 Short Track World Cup 3- Nagano: 1000m Bronze
  • 2019-20 US Short Track Championships: 1000m Gold; 1500m Silver; 500 Silver
  • 2019-20 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2018-19 Short Track World Cup 5 - Mixed Relay Bronze; 3000m Relay 12th; 1000m 15th
  • 2018-19 U.S. Short Track National Champion
  • 2018-19 Short Track World Cup 2 - SLC: 1000m 5th
  • 2018-19 Short Track World Cup 1 - Calgary: Mixed Relay 4th
  • 2018 Fall Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2016-17 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2015-16 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2014-15 World University Games
  • 2013-14 Junior World Team Member
  • 2012-13 Junior National Champion
  • 2006-07 Junior National Champion
Personal: At nine years old, Kristen was already speed skating, but she first started figure skating at only three years old. She first gained an interest in speed skating after she saw an advertisement on the Disney Channel. In addition to skating, Kristen also played high school soccer, and you can find her hiking, skiing or hanging out by the pool in her free time. After she finishes speed skating, she hopes to pursue a career as a physical therapist. She has the most amount of love for her husky, Bear, and she also brings her Teddy Bear named “Teddy” whenever and wherever she travels. She has also been a vegetarian her whole life, and she has a small smiley face tattoo on the bottom of one of her toes. Although her name is Kristen Santos, her closest friends and teammates refer to her by her nickname, “Puff.” Although it’s not an actual food in her opinion, her favorite food is vinegar because he has it with basically everything she eats.