Name: Kimi Goetz
Sport: Long Track Speedskating
Discipline(s): Long Track Speedskating
Height: 5-6
DOB: 8/13/1994
Hometown: Flemington, N.J.
World Championship Experience
  • 2020 World Single Distance Championships - 500m 5th, 1000m 5th
  • 2019 World Single Distance Championships - 1000m 15th, Mass Start 18th
  • 2019 World Sprint Championships - 17th overall
  • 2015-16 Short Track World Championships - 500m 20th; 1000m 31st; 1500m 30th; 29th overall
  • 2014-15 Short Track World Championships - 1500m 38th; 500m 24th; 1000m 33rd; 32nd overall
  • 2013-14 Short Track Junior World Championships - 1500m 25th; 500m 21st; 1000m 43rd; 3000m relay 11th; 29th overall
Other Career Highlights
  • 2021 US Championships - 500m Champion, 1000m Champion
  • 2019-20 Long Track World Cup Team
  • 2018-19 World Cup finals - Salt Lake City: Mass Start 21st overall, 1000m 27th overall, 500m 28th overall, 1500m 43rd overall
  • 2018-19 World Cup 5 - Hamar: 500m (B) Gold, 500m (B) 8th, 1000m (B) 7th, 1500m (B) 12th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 4 - Heerenveen: 1000m (B) 7th, 1500m (B) 12th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 3 - Poland: Team Pursuit 7th, 500m (B) 8th, Team Sprint 9th, 1000m (B) 12th, 1500m (B) 19th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 2 - Tomakomai: 1000m (B) 7th, 500m (B) 9th, Mass Start 19th
  • 2018-19 World Cup 1 - Obihiro: Mass Start 10th, 500m (B) 11th, 1000m 20th
  • 2018-19 Long Track World Cup Teams
  • 2018-19 Switched to Long Track
  • 2017-18 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2017-18 Short Track National Training Program
  • 2016-17 Short Track National Training Program
  • 2016-17 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2015-16 Short Track National Training Program
  • 2015-16 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2014-15 Short Track National Training Program
  • 2014-15 Short Track World Cup Team
  • 2014 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - 5th overall
  • 2014 Junior National Champion
  • 2014 U.S. AmCup Champion
Personal: Transitioned to Long Track Speedskating in August 2018...Creating a cookbook based on her favorite easy recipes...Wants to work in special education at the elementary level when she is done speed skating...Is also a processor at a finance company...Started inline skating at eight years old...started skating on ice in 2012...Started skating because her older sister Sam was skating and she copied everything she did...Favorite speed skating moment: Watching her first international race in person at the 2014 World Championships in Montreal...Enjoys spending time outside...Favorite city: Lavallette, NJ...Favorite quote: "The expert at anything was once a beginner."...Favorite Food: S'mores and pancakes.