Name: Briana Kramer
Sport: Long Track Speedskating
Discipline(s): Long Track Speedskating
Height: 5-2
DOB: 8/27/1991
Hometown: Orlando, Fla.
Other Career Highlights
  • 2016-17 AmCup Final - 1500m bronze
  • 2016-17 Long Track National Allround Team
  • 2015-16 American Cup 3 - 3000m silver
  • 2015-16 American Cup 2 - 3000m bronze
  • 2015-16 American Cup 1 - 1500m gold; 3000m gold; 500m bronze
  • 2011-12 American Cup Final - 1500m bronze; 3000m bronze
  • 2011-12 American Cup 2 - 1000m silver; 1500m silver; 500m bronze
  • 2009-10 American Cup Final - 3000m gold; 1500m bronze
  • 2009-10 Junior National Championships - 3000m silver
  • 19x Inline National Champion
  • 7 Junior World Inline medals
Personal: Would like to be a health and fitness consultant following her speed skating career ...Sports idol: Michael Phelps ...Has a dog named Riley ...Loves thunderstorms ...She could eat an entire jar of Nutella in one sitting ...Has to eat the same breakfast before practice and races...Played roller hockey when she was younger and was the only girl on an all boys All-Star team...Hidden talent: Shuffling in 6-inch heels ...Favorite place speed skating has taken her: Colombia...Favorite quote: "By grace, through faith." -Selena Gomez...Favorite food: Nutella & Chik-Fil-A...Favorite genre: EDM