US Speedskating has partnered with internationally-renowned youth fitness expert Brett Klika and his company SPIDERfit Kids, the go-to resource for training youth. 


SPIDERfit Kids is on a mission to create active, athletic kids for life through the power of play. Their “Powerful Play®” program has been licensed by many national sports organizations including USA Football, USA Lacrosse, USA Field Hockey and now US Speedskating.


In order to provide US Speedskating coaches with a steady stream of fun activities, games, and other ways to get kids excited about training, they have created the Powerful Playground Online Activity Vault, which makes your job as a coach much easier. Instead of constantly searching for creative new training activities, the Powerful Playground does the work for you.


To register Click Here and use coupon code USSS at checkout for your free membership to the Powerful Playground!



US Speedskating Testing Guide

If you are a coach or athlete and want to evaluate and track your basic fitness, please use the provided test below. Physiological testing is a great tool to measure improvements as well as identifying areas you need to develop. 

Testing Guide here >>