Information and resources about the sport of Nordic skiing, coaching, and education materials are available here.


Resources for Athletes, Coaches, Instructors, Clubs

Adaptive Nordic Skiing Instructors Manual - Version 2011

Sit Ski Instructor Manual - Version 2017

World Para Nordic Skiing Rules + Documents


Race Organizer Resources

IPC Race Organizer Guide

Guidelines for Sit Ski Course Design

Race Organizer Guide: Integrating Adaptive Skiers into Your Race

Race Organizer Guide: Integrating Visually Impaired Skiers with Guides into Your Race

IPCNS Percentage List 

*Timing Program (with compensation percentages) for Biathlon Races

*Timing Program (with compensation percentages) for Cross Country Races 

*For timing programs, only utilize "sheet 1" for data input/calculations. Sheet 2 should not be modified!