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The U.S. Paralympics National Classification Policies and Procedure document below outlines national classification information and systems in compliance with the the most current version of the IPC Athlete Classification Code [“Code”] and International Standards.  The new code is effective January 1, 2017.  The revisions to the 2015 Code are consistent with the first version [2007].  The Code aims to provide a clear statement of the purpose of athlete classification, as well as a framework of policies and procedures that will uphold confidence in classification systems across the Paralympic Movement.

U.S. Paralympics Policies and Procedures encompasses the three core documents of the U.S. Paralympic national classification strategy including the general policies, local organizing committee policies and classifier education and training policies.  These Policies and Procedures will go into effect January 1, 2017.

U.S. Paralympic National Classification Policies and Procedures

Visual Impairment (VI) National Classification

  • Athletes with visual impairments may obtain a national classification throughout the year.  To obtain a National VI classification, athletes must have their Ophthalmologist fill out the forms in the link below and return to Bryce Boarman 4 weeks prior to the competition they intent to compete at.  Once the forms are received by Bryce, they are reviewed by a VI Classifier.  They will inform Bryce of the classification outcome and Bryce notify the athlete.  The classifiers may require additional tests or information which may delay the outcome.  VI athletes must complete this process and be listed in the Classification Database to compete in the events. 
  • Guide to fill out National Visual Impairment Classification forms
  • National VI Classification forms - Submit to when completed

For further information on U.S. Paralympics national classification policies, procedures or system, read Classification 101 or contact U.S. Paralympics at 719.866.2030.