About the Team USA Fund

In preparing for the Olympic or Paralympic Games, U.S. athletes require funding for sport performance services, elite-level coaching, Olympic & Paralympic Training Centers and international competitions.

These athletes would not be able to manage such costs without Americans like you – Americans who believe in the power of sport, who support their training and who encourage their dreams.

The Team USA Fund helps underwrite the following priorities:

High-Performance Programs and Services such as strength and conditioning, physiology, training programs, nutrition and sports psychology. 

Athlete Financial Aid to supplement the limited annual income of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls, providing support to cover living, training and healthcare costs.

Advancement of the Movement through community outreach and education services including the Team USA Ambassador program, the Team For Tomorrow program, Olympic Day events, and the SafeSport welfare training program to promote safe environments at all levels of sport.


Keep the Dream Alive

Current-use unrestricted gifts are critical to sustaining Team USA’s level of competitive excellence while funding programs that advance the ideals of Olympism in the United States. Gifts to the Team USA Fund also make possible the many programs and services provided to U.S. Olympians, Paralympians and hopefuls as they strive to reach the Games. By helping the USOPC support America’s top athletes, coaches, programs and staff, donors to the Team USA Fund help advance the values of Olympism each and every year. 


Gifts to the Team USA Fund are 100% tax-deductible. There is no minimum donation to participate.