Team Behind the Team

Every two years, the world gathers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in celebration of sport, culture, fair play and international cooperation.

Americans of all ages watch our team compete alongside athletes from as many as 203 nations. Members of Team USA proudly represent the United States, their communities and their families on sport’s biggest stage.

But no athlete gets to the Games on his or her own. The success of each athlete is dependent on a network of dedicated coaches, teammates, family and friends. Similarly, the USOC has a proud tradition of support from generous Americans at all levels. 

Together, this network constitutes the “Team Behind the Team” – the behind-the-scenes support system without which the success of Team USA would not be possible. 

Unlike most National Olympic Committees, the USOC does not receive federal funding for its Olympic programs. Instead, it relies on the generosity of the American public to help U.S. athletes remain competitive with the rest of the world. This support is more important today than ever, especially in the face of increased financial commitment of governments around the world that oversee the Olympic and Paralympic sport programs of our top competitors.

Each year, significant financial resources are required to prepare just one elite American athlete for the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Costs include sport performance services, athlete financial aid, Olympic Training Center operations and international competition expenses. Additionally, each athlete spends tens of thousands of dollars each year on equipment, travel and medical costs – often balancing school, work and family in the process.

U.S. athletes would not be able to manage these costs without Americans like you – Americans who believe in the Olympic Movement and in the Olympic values, who understand the power of sport to change lives, break down barriers and bring nations together in peace.