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Team USA Planned Giving

Donor Impact: Gordy's Story

Gordy Crawford's gifts to the USOPF provide him the opportunity to ensure that the patriotism, goodwill and friendship that drew him into the Games back in 1984 will continue for future generations.

“Every two years we turn on our televisions for two weeks and watch Team USA in this epic global event,” he reflects. “To fund all the joy that so many of us get from watching, we need private philanthropic support since we are one of only a few countries that do not receive direct support from our government. Instead, the necessary support comes from direct donations that people give and legacy gifts.”  Read More

USOPF Planned Giving

Every day, thousands of American athletes young and old train in hopes of representing their country, communities and families at the Olympic and Paralympic Games – Games that encourage peace, understanding and respect through sport worldwide.

While the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) is committed to preparing its Olympic and Paralympic athletes to compete at the international level, the U.S. is one of only a few nations in the world to receive no government funding for its Olympic teams. The USOPC therefore relies on your generosity to help these talented athletes achieve the goal of bringing home a medal. You can play an important role in ensuring the future success of Team USA by including the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation (USOPF) in your estate plan.

There are a variety of ways to support the future of Team USA through a legacy gift:

  • Include the USOPF in your will

    Consider leaving a bequest to the USOPF by naming our organization as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary in your will or trust. A bequest is simply a gift you make through your will that indicates your desire to leave something of value toward the future work of Team USA. A charitable bequest can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the value of your total estate, a gift of stock, life insurance, or even real estate.

  • Name the USOPF as a beneficiary of a retirement account or insurance policy

    Consider naming the USOPF as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary in your retirement account, savings or checking account, pension plan or insurance policy. Because the USOPF is a nonprofit organization, your gift is not subject to federal income tax. Thus, the entirety of your contribution goes toward supporting the athletes and programs of Team USA. 

The USOPF works closely with you to identify the purpose within our organization that most closely meets your interests. Generally, however, contributions made through a will or trust are designated to the USOPF’s general fund, thereby allowing the USOPC to use the funds where the need is greatest. There are also many other opportunities for you to help our athletes through your estate. 
Leave a lasting legacy that supports the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic movements by planning your gift today. Your generosity enables Team USA to compete, excel and change society for the better, for many years and many Games to come.