U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation

Donor Stories

Each year, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation works to support Team USA athletes, coaches and sport performance staff in achieving sustained competitive excellence. Donors help push athletes to excel on the playing field, support vital off-the-field services and underwrite the athlete financial aid that makes Team USA's success possible.

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share. Click the links below to read more about the impact of giving to the USOPF.

Staying the Course: Gayla and Kevin Compton

Competition and sport have long been cornerstones of Gayla and Kevin Compton’s lives. Now, as trustees of the the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation, they offer their guidance and support in advancing the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the United States.

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Preserving the spirit of the Olympic Games: Gordy Crawford

Gordy Crawford's gifts to the USOPF provide him the opportunity to ensure that the patriotism, goodwill and friendship that drew him into the Games back in 1984 will continue for future generations.

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Embracing the opportunity to support Team USA: 
Miguel Blancarte, Jr.

As a member of Team USA Endurance at the 2014 New York City Marathon, Miguel Blancarte, Jr., is raising funds for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation. In exchange, he will receive a free race entry and the opportunity to run as a proud member of Team USA.

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