U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation

Current Use Gifts

The Champions Fund

Every journey to the Games begins with a dream. A dream to break records, surpass expectations and persevere through overwhelming odds – and one day, to represent the United States on sport’s biggest stage. 

But our athletes need your support to help achieve that dream. As a nonprofit organization, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee relies on private resources to help fund America’s elite athletes as they focus on their pursuit of excellence at the Games. 
  • In 2013, the USOPC awarded $22 million in grants to more than 1,500 athletes
  • Compared to 2011 (the most recent non-Games year), athlete financial aid and NGB support has increased by 12 percent, but it’s not enough
  • In 2013, the USOPC’s Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program and National Medical Network provided elite athletes more than $6 million in services, including insurance benefits for 1,108 athletes throughout the year
  • It costs more than $35,000 to provide one athlete with the opportunity to live and train at a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center for one year
  • 227 2014 U.S. Olympic Team members trained at an OTC
  • 93 2014 U.S. Paralympic Team members trained at an OTC
  • Located in 13 states across the country, the USOC’s 16 Olympic and Paralympic Training Sites collectively provided more than $10 million in elite athlete and NGB support in 2013

With a gift to the Olympic or Paralympic Champions Fund, you can make a difference in the training and success of Team USA’s top athletes. Team USA Champions help to underwrite the training and living expenses incurred by American athletes as they strive to stand atop the podium. In fact, 100 percent of Champions Fund gifts are directed to U.S. athletes and the high-performance programs that support them. 

To show our gratitude for their support, the USOPC also offers Team USA Champions the opportunity to become part of the U.S. delegation at an upcoming Olympic or Paralympic Games. Through the USOPC’s exceptional Games hospitality programs, you will have the chance to witness history firsthand and share in the camaraderie of the Games. In addition, Team USA Champions receive invitations to exclusive USOC events and gatherings as well as regular interaction with an Olympian or Paralympian over four years. 

Become a Team USA Champion today with a minimum gift of $100,000, payable over four years. 

The Trustee Council

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation Trustee Council is an exclusive leadership opportunity designed for those who want to go the extra mile for Team USA through advocacy, awareness and personal philanthropic investment.

USOPF Trustees are valuable partners who help shape and grow the important work of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. They serve as ambassadors for our high-performance athletes, their sports and the USOPC as a whole, all while helping to build a strong and secure financial base to ensure the USOPC is able to meet its pressing needs. With the care and well-being of Team USA athletes at the core of their mission, Trustees play a vital role in the future of the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the United States. 

Trustees are entrusted with several key responsibilities to promote the mission of the USOPC. These include:
  • Advocating for the USOPC’s work nationally and globally
  • Raising awareness and supporting the work of all athletes
  • Serving as hosts at special events and gatherings, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games
In addition, each Trustee is asked to pledge a minimum charitable gift of $300,000 payable over four years. Your gift includes the following Trustee benefits:
  • USOPF Trustee Council membership
  • Invitation to Annual Meeting with USOPF Board of Directors
  • Invitations to special events and gatherings
  • Access to purchase Trustee-exclusive Games Hospitality offerings (Olympic or Paralympic)

USOPC programs promote excellence, allow U.S. athletes the opportunity to dream and inspire all Americans through the power of sport. We invite you to join this prestigious group of partners whose support and encouragement is so valuable to our nation’s athletes.