Budget and Stewardship

As the sole beneficiary of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, the U.S. Olympic Committee helps American athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence by investing in a variety of areas that promote achievement for Team USA. One hundred percent of gifts to the foundation go to athletes and the high-performance programming that supports them. These funds support the following initiatives.


Direct support is strategically allocated to give the greatest number of American athletes the opportunity to reach the podium. The USOC also provides administrative and operational support to help NGBs create viable plans for resource generation and long-term competitive success. 


The USOC is committed to creating sustainable programs that emphasize holistic athlete development. In addition to monetary grants, the USOC offers athletes a variety of medical, education and career development programs.

Medical Benefits: The Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program and National Medical Network provided elite athletes more than $6 million in services. The programs are designed to offer convenient medical care and health insurance support, while minimizing athletes’ out-of-pocket expenses. After launching in August 2013, the National Medical Network delivered medical care to more than 500 athletes through partnerships with eight top-tier medical providers in four states, while insurance benefits were provided to 1,108 athletes throughout the year.

Athlete Career and Education: A total of 186 athletes received tuition assistance, including those who participated in the Athlete Career and Education program. With support from USOC sponsor DeVry University, ACE more than doubled tuition assistance, providing aid to 135 athletes compared to 61 in 2012. Additionally, the program increased job placements by 36 percent, supporting 263 athletes across four partner organizations. Under a new, unified structure, the program developed an online platform to enhance athlete and employer engagement. The USOC also partnered with the Foundation for Global Sports Development to launch a three-year pilot program aimed at assisting athletes in their preparation for life after sport.


The USOC partners with 16 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Sites to provide world-class training facilities to American athletes. Located in 13 states across the country, these sites served nearly 500 national team athletes in 2013. Collectively, the sites provided more than $10 million in elite athlete and NGB support.