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10th Mountain Ski Club


Outdoor Sports Institute

Mission Statement: Empowering people through outdoor sport education to create better lives, better communities, and a better world. Statement of Purpose: Based in Maine, The Outdoor Sport Institute (OSI) empowers people of all ages to discover the possibilities in their own lives and in the world around them, through outdoor sport education. We are dedicated to empowerment and committed to outdoor sport development that extends from local communities to international, world-class experiences. When people become empowered, anything is possible, and what our world needs most is people who can redefine the possible. Developing empowerment isn’t easy, but in the right setting, with the right guidance, it can be transformative. We believe the outdoors and outdoor sport provides a unique and powerful platform to create this transformation. The challenges and opportunities presented when we engage in outdoor sport, whether through recreation or competition, highlight the very tools we seek to develop to become empowered in our lives. We learn to develop our competency through skill, we learn the judgment and decision-making that allow us to become self-directed in our pursuits, and through a connection to others and stewardship for our natural world, we find a sense of purpose. Finally, what isn’t used and what isn’t valued can be lost. With that in mind, we believe that outdoor sport and the environment are inextricably linked. Outdoor sport is life-long sport and requires life-long commitment – to ourselves, to our mountains, to our woods and to our waterways. Through outdoor sport education we create empowered individuals and communities committed to a healthy outdoor lifestyle and the health of our planet.