US Biathlon Regional Coordinators

Steve Wilson

East (NY, VT, NH, ME, MA)
John Madigan 

Mid West (MN, WI, MI)
Mark Torresani

West (UT, CO, ID, WY, MT,CA, OR, WA)
Rob Rosser

Regional Coordinators Serve as:

  • Point of contact for USBA as the Region Representative for the planning and coordination of Regional Development Camps and Regional Race Series as well as representing the needs and concerns of clubs in the region.
  • The Coordinator is the official spokesperson for USBA in the Region and will regularly communicate with the clubs and programs in the region.
Main Tasks:
  • Attends to Elite Coaches Seminar in May and shares information with coaches in the Region
  • Lead the scheduling process for Regional Development Camps and Regional Race series
  • Works with USBA on promoting all biathlon activity in the region and nationally
  • Communicates regularly with the Chief of Sport, at least monthly phone calls and emails as needed
  • Organize and update regional coach and club contacts and networks