US Biathlon 2022 Annual Meeting and Election

On Dec. 20, 2022 at 4pm ET, US Biathlon will hold our Annual Meeting at our offices in New Gloucester, Maine. That meeting will be an election meeting, with two US Biathlon Board of Directors seats up for election. One seat is a seat designated for "Group B" members (Coaches, Trainers, Technical Delegates and Officials) while the other seat is one of our Independent Directors. 
We want to thank Susan Miller for serving in this seat for the past several years. She has been an invaluable part of our Board and, though she is no longer able to serve as an Independent, we look forward to her continued involvement in the US Biathlon community. 
Independent Directors must meet the criteria laid out in the US Biathlon bylaws (Ch. 14, Section 4 - copied below). The US Biathlon Nominating, Governance, and Ethics Committee would like to present Katherine Kendrick as a candidate to fill this seat. Ms. Kendrick has been fully vetted and her resume can be found below. 
The membership may nominate additional candidates for the Independent Director seat by obtaining at least 20 member signatures in support of a candidate and submitting them to the US Biathlon CEO, Jack Gierhart, no later than 5pm ET on Nov. 20 (this process is outlined in the US Biathlon Bylaws Ch. 16, Section 3). 
The seat designated for "Group B" members (Coaches, Trainers, Technical Delegates and Officials) is currently held by Jerry Baltzell, who will run for re-election. Mr. Baltzell is eager to continue serving this important group of US Biathlon members, and has been an active member of the Board for several years. 
US Biathlon Group B members may also nominate additional candidates that meet the bylaw mandated criteria (listed below from Ch. 11). A list of current IBU International Referees can also be found below. In order to make a nomination, at least 20 signatures from Group B members must be obtained in support and sent to US Biathlon CEO, Jack Gierhart, no later than 5pm ET on Nov. 20 (this process is outlined in the US Biathlon Bylaws Ch. 16, Section 3). 
No later than Nov. 30, members will receive the final notice of the Annual Meeting and list of candidates along with proxy voting instructions. If you have any questions, please contact
US Biathlon Bylaws, Chapter 14
Section 4. Independent Directors. For purposes of these By-laws and filling the “independent” board member positions on the USBA Board of Directors, an individual shall not be considered “independent” if, they or an immediate family member are presently or were within the preceding two (2) years:

(a) employed by, or held any governance position (whether paid or a volunteer position) with the USBA or IBU, any biathlon club, or any sport family entity connected to USBA;

(b) registered as an athlete competitor with the USBA and/or a member of USBA’s Athletes Advisory Council;

(c) affiliated with or employed by the USBA’s auditor or legal counsel

(d) a member of any USBA constituent group with representation on the USBA Board of Directors;

(e) receives or received any compensation or reimbursement of expenses, either directly or indirectly, from the USBA;

(f) an executive officer, controlling shareholder, or partner of a corporation or partnership or other business entity that does business with USBA;

(g) a parent or close family member or coach of an athlete that has competed in a Protected Competition; or

(h) if there is any other fact or circumstance which, in the sole judgment of the Ethics and Audit Committee, which could call into question the ability of the individual to provide completely objective and independent advice as an “independent” member of the USBA Board of Directors.

USBA Bylaws, Chapter 11

(c) One (1) director, a current IBU-certified International Referee or Technical Delegate, shall be directly elected by the individuals eligible to vote in membership Category “B” of Chapter 8 of these Bylaws, for a four-year term. This individual, if he or she continues to satisfy the requirement of being a current IBU-certified International Referee or Technical Delegate for Biathlon at the end of his/her term of office as director, shall be eligible for re-election by the members who qualify for membership in Category “B” for another four -year term. This director may serve a total of three (3) four-year terms.


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