2020 U.S. School Leaderboard

For the first time, the USOPC is piloting a U.S. school leaderboard to aid schools and conferences as they monitor medal-winning performances. Unlike Team USA’s full Olympic medal count, which tallies one medal per team sport, the below leaderboard identifies which athletes have medaled and tallies one medal per athlete. In team sports like water polo and volleyball, for instance, one school may boast multiple medalists.

Medal-winning events begin on the first day of the games—July 24—with fencing (women’s epee and men’s saber) and shooting (women’s 10m air rifle and men’s 10m air pistol). Track and field will have 10 consecutive days of medal-contested events, beginning July 30, while swimming wraps up its final medal event on Aug. 1. With the women’s basketball and women’s volleyball medal-winning events contested on the last day of Olympic competition, the leaderboard will update through the entirety of the Games.

NOTE: For a full breakdown of the 2020 Olympic Games U.S. school leaderboard, please review the below database. Utilize Ctrl+Shift+Enter to view the raw data once within the report or view the 2020 Olympic Games U.S. school leaderboard raw data.



Tokyo 2020 Collegiate Resources

As part of its Olympians Made Here collegiate solidarity campaign, the USOPC will provide schools and conference communicators with resources to aid their coverage. Please review the below information as you begin your communications planning to celebrate your Team USA student-athletes in Tokyo.

School Resources: Access resources to aid your coverage of the Olympic Games. 

• 2020 Collegiate Footprint: See which athletes from your school are competing for Team USA in Tokyo. 

Tokyo Schedule: See when your athletes will be competing in Tokyo. 

Tokyo Results: Track how Team USA collegiate athletes are performing. 

Content Archive & Editorial Coverage: Read news relevant to student-athletes in Tokyo.