Operation Gold

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee's Operation Gold awards are designed to reward athletes with a monetary prize for top finishes in a sport’s most competitive senior international competition of the year (i.e. the Olympic/Paralympic Games when applicable or, in non-Games years, a designated world championship, world cup or similar premier event).

The Operation Gold event for the sport of surfing in 2022 is the World Surf League Championship Tour's Tahiti Pro. Scheduled for a window of Aug. 11-21, the competition will be held at the 2024 Olympic venue of Teahupo'o.

The 2022 payments are as follows:

1st place = $6,250

2nd place = $5,000

3rd place = $4,375

4th place = $3,750

5th place = $3,125

6th place = $3,125

7th place = $2,500

8th place = $2,500

Based on the format of surfing competitions, two athletes typically place third; if both were U.S. athletes who opt in to Operation Gold, they would each receive $4,375. Similarly, any/all U.S. athletes among the event's four fifth-place finishers would receive $3,125. The amount is not divided among them.

Elite Athlete Health Insurance

For 2022, USOPC-Surfing is offering Elite Athlete Health Insurance to four (4) women and four (4) men surfers as determined by the following criteria in rank order:

1) 2020 U.S. Olympic Surfing Team – two (2) women and two (2) men

2) The highest ranked two (2) women and two (2) men from the 2021 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) year-end final ranking, excluding the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team.

The EAHI offer is good for the calendar year, ending on Dec. 31, 2022, and renewed only if the athlete requalifies with the criteria for the following year, which will be published on this page when it is set for 2023.

Athlete Agreement

The below document reflects the agreement signed between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and surfing athletes who opt in as a participant.

Complaint Procedures

The USOPC has the authority to hear and render decisions on administrative grievances, opportunity to participate complaints and disciplinary actions (other than alleged violations of the SafeSport Code). Download the below document for an explanation of the process.