Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, entrepreneur and founder of the Huffington Post, joins Sasha for episode three. They chat about the chance events that changed the course of Arianna’s life and career. She describes the low moments when she realized the importance of health and sleep. Arianna explains her mission to empower others and how that comes to life in her current ventures.

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Thrive Global 
‘Mediative Story’ Podcast

Show Notes:
  • :33 – Learning to make time for yourself
  • 3:19 – Traumatic experience and defining success in life
  • 8:06 – Spirituality and how it helps define success
  • 10:28 – Learning to allow things in life
  • 11:59 – How Arianna’s mother shaped her life
  • 14:44 – Shifting sense of identity and how Arianna defines herself now
  • 16:50 – How to separate who you are from what you do
  • 19:40 – The journey to finding validation within and what matters most
  • 20:50 – Launching Thrive Global and its mission to end burnout
  • 24:27 – Giving yourself permission for self-care, changing our perceptions of sleep
  • 27:15 – Failure that shaped her success
  • 30:45 – Fundamental optimism
  • 38:12 – Olympic or Paralympic moment in life