Christina Ripp is a three-time Paralympian in the sport of wheelchair basketball. Ripp was a member of the gold medal team in Athens and played on the team that came in fifth in Sydney in 2000. At the 2008 Paralympic Games, Ripp was near unstoppable, averaging 17 points and 4.5 rebounds in the final two games to lead the U.S. to the top of the podium.

After helping the U.S. team to a silver medal at the 2006 world championships, Ripp took a two-year hiatus from basketball to try her hand at wheelchair racing. Though she was successful and had a solid shot at making the Paralympic team in her newly adopted sport, Ripp missed basketball too much and returned to the hardwood in 2008.

She was also a standout basketball player on the University of Illinois Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team, competing from 2002-2004 and winning three national championships.

Ripp's wheelchair racing accomplishments include a bronze medal in the 1500m from the 2006 world championships and a victory in the 2003 Boston Marathon.

Ripp graduated from the University of Illinois in December of 2005 with a bachelor's degree in community health. In addition to athletics, Ripp enjoys reading and coaching.

Major Achievements:

  • 2010: Gold medal – IWBF Gold Cup, Birmingham, England
  • 2008: Gold medal, U.S. Paralympic Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team - Paralympic Games, Beijing, China
  • 2008: First place, North American Cup - Birmingham, Ala. 
  • 2008: First place, Joseph F. Lyttle World Basketball Challenge, Warm Springs, Ga.
  • 2006: Silver medal, IWBF Gold Cup (Wheelchair Basketball World Championships) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
  • 2006: Fifth place (400m) 7th place (800m) bronze medal (1500m) - IPC World Championships, Assen, Holland
  • 2004: Gold medal - Paralympic Games, Athens, Greece (Wheelchair Basketball)
  • 2003: First place, Boston Marathon (Wheelchair Division), Boston, Mass.
  • 2002 - 2004: National champions, University of Illinois Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team