Name: Gregory Brigman
Position: Midfielder
Sport: Soccer
Discipline(s): 7 A Side Soccer
Classification: FT7
Height: 5-5
Weight: 173
DOB: 2/27/1987
Birthplace: Raeford, N.C.
Hometown: Raeford, N.C.
College: University of North Carolina-Charlotte ’13, Master of Civil Engineering
Paralympic Experience
  • One-time Paralympian (2016)
Other Career Highlights
  • 2016 Pre Paralympic Tournament, 6th
Personal: Brigman was born with cerebral palsy and as a child he wore a leg brace on his left side to attempt to correct his physical impairment. In the second grade, he underwent a major surgery and physical therapy with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill medical system to attempt to improve his cerebral palsy. After surgery, he went on to play youth club soccer and played four years at the varsity level in high school. As a senior, he received the recognition of All-Conference honors. He is a prominent National Collegiate Referee in the Carolina’s soccer community and officiate games for middle school, youth club, high school, college and recently games at the lower professional levels. Through his involvement in the soccer referee community, he found a referee administrator that knew the coach of the U.S. Paralympic National Soccer Team....Son of Gary and Kathy Brigman…Married to Louremy Brigman…Has one sister, Kathryn.