Event: Category A Foil and Saber

Disability: Calhoun suffered from a stroke before he was born and as a result has right side hemi paresis.

Education: Bachelor's degree in history with a minor in anthropology from the University of West Georgia

Hobbies: Tennis and baseball

Paralympic Teams: 2008
Wheelchair World Championship Teams2010, 2006

Personal: Calhoun was introduced to the world of wheelchair fencing in 2001, when he went to watch his brothers, James and David, fence. He met Lisa Lanier, a wheelchair fencer, and she convinced him give the sport a try. He quickly fell in love with it and has been fencing ever since. In September 2008, Calhoun took his game to the world's biggest stage - the Paralympic Games where he competed in both foil and saber. 

While learning and becoming a better fencer, Calhoun has had the opportunity to work with many great coaches in the fencing world, including Oswaldo Ortega, Gene Gettler, Leszek Stawicki, Arkady Burdan and his current coach, Julio Diaz.

    Recent Competition History


    • Sixth - Wheelchair World Championships (Team Saber)
    • 10th - Wheelchair World Championships (Individual Foil)
    • 11th - Wheelchair World Championships (Team Foil)
    • 15th - Wheelchair World Championships (Individual Saber)

    • 10th - Paralympic Games (Saber)
    • 17th - Paralympic Games (Foil)

    • Gold - National Wheelchair Championships (Saber)
    • Gold - National Wheelchair Championships (Foil)
    • 13th - Montreal Wheelchair World Cup (Foil)
    • 17th - Paris Wheelchair World Cup (Saber)