The Youth Olympic Games are an elite sporting event for athletes ages 15-18 and are held every four years, just like the Olympic Games. The first summer edition was held in Singapore in 2010, followed by the first winter edition in Innsbruck in 2012. The second summer edition was held in Nanjing in 2014. Following the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, the third summer edition will be held in Buenos Aires in 2018.

The summer Youth Olympic Games feature over 3,500 athletes in a program of 28 sports and last 12 days, while the Winter Youth Olympic Games include over 1,100 athletes and seven sports and are held over 10 days.

In addition to athletics, the Youth Olympic Games integrate a Culture and Education Program (CEP) based around five pillars: Olympism, social responsibility, skills development, expression and well-being and healthy lifestyles.

YOG Athletes Who Have Competed At The Olympic Games

Summer Olympians 

Name Year Sport
Ariel Hsing 2012 Table Tennis
Miranda Leek 2012 Archery
Alexander Massialas 2012 Fencing
Savannah Vinsant 2012 Gymnastics
Lily Zhang 2012 Table Tennis

Winter Olympians

Name Year Sport
Aaron Blunck 2014 Freestyle Skiing
Summer Britcher 2014 Luge
Sean Doherty 2014 Biathlon
Arielle Gold 2014 Snowboarding
Tucker West 2014 Luge

All-Time Olympians
For a list of all-time Youth Olympic Games Olympians, please click here.