Ethics & Compliance

The USOPC promotes a culture of ethics and compliance within the USOPC, among NGBs, and among individuals and entities that engage with the USOPC and NGBs. In keeping with this culture, the USOPC’s Ethics and Compliance team is responsible for ensuring the USOPC and NGBs comply with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, their own bylaws and policies, and any other applicable laws or regulations.

Reporting An Issue

Through its Speak Up Policy, the Ethics and Compliance team seeks to empower USOPC employees, NGBs, and individuals within the Olympic and Paralympic movements to raise and report any actual or potential code of conduct violations; non-compliance with baseline governance, conflict of interest, and ethics rules; violations of state or federal law; discrimination claims; and violations of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and USOPC and/or NGB Bylaws or policies.


If you are a National Governing Body employee or volunteer (including Board and committee members), an athlete, or another individual within the Olympic and Paralympic movements, you may report concerns regarding code of conduct violations, violations of state or federal law,  conflicts of interest, governance, or violations of internal procedures, among other matters, to

USOPC employees may make confidential or anonymous reports by calling the USOPC’s Integrity Hotline at 1-877-404-9935 or by going to the USOPC’s Integrity Portal

If the reporting tools included above are not accessible to you or if you are uncomfortable with either means of reporting, you may report concerns by whatever means is most comfortable for you.