Commercial Use Guidelines

Our brands and IP allow us to connect all fans with Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in the United States. Our goal is to identify new products, partnerships, and events that help drive our brand values, organizational mission, and expand the presence of Team USA. This page will provide you with information regarding commercial use/licensing of our brands, guidelines, and ways to become an official partner of Team USA!

The use of USOPC IP is reserved for official Olympic and Paralympic sponsors, suppliers, and licensees. This includes requests by companies to create any product for any purpose (this includes and this not limited to Tee Shirts, Jackets, Polos, Hoodies, Hats, Pins, Water Bottles, Bumper Stickers, Plush, Key Chains etc.) or  wishing to host an event (seminar, conference, team-building event) with an Olympic or Paralympic theme. Federal law also prohibits the use of OLYMPIC or PARALYMPIC in a company or product name without the USOPC’s permission. 

If you are looking to engage with Team USA in a non-commercial way, please click here for non-commercial use information.



If you are a company that would like the USOPC to consider a proposal to become an Official Team USA merchandise licensee, sponsor or partner, please contact licensing@TEAMUSA2028.ORG or click here to submit a merchandise licensee proposal.

We ask that you please review our brands and guidelines outlined in the section below to help assist with additional information about us! 


Trademarked logos, words, and phrases owned by the USOPC and proper use examples can be found below. In addition to the displayed trademarks, the USOPC controls the rights to future logos and word marks associated with Olympic, Paralympic, and Pan American Games. This includes the right to control the commercial use of many photographs or other images from the Games that include Team USA athletes or USOPC IP. All official USOPC/USOPP partners and licensees will be required to submit all proposed uses of USOPC IP for approval through authorized channels prior to use.


  • USOPC IP as authorized under the applicable license from the USOPC/USOPP. 
  • Official USOPC/USOPP partners should submit all proposed uses of USOPC IP for approval through authorized channels prior to use.

For more information on our brands and high level guidelines, please click here.