The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee coaching education department is committed to supporting National Governing Bodies of sport by providing cutting-edge information and training opportunities to help direct Team USA athletes to national and international success.  

The focus statement for the USOPC Coaching Education Department is as follows:

The USOPC coaching education department encourages coaches at all levels of sport in America to become continual learners in terms of growing their abilities for both core knowledge and their sport-specific understanding.  Through the development and delivery of resources and practical application of research based educational programming, and strong NGB partner relationships the USOPC coaching education department believes sport in America will advance and grow the number of podium potential athletes.

The coaching education department has five main objectives:

  1. Assist NGBs in the development of coaching education programs and materials
  2. Deliver programming that highlights the sport science and research based standards of the USOPC
  3. Supply support for Team USA in a manner that is effective and relevant in supporting podium potential athletes through coaching education.
  4. Recognize the importance of America's best coaches, while advancing coaching as a profession
  5. Advertise and support the importance of coach training and certification for all American coaches.


Please note we are in the process of remediating our coaching education resources for accessibility. Accessible versions of our Quality Coaching Framework and Quality Parenting Framework will be available soon. If you have questions, please contact