SafeSport - Protecting Sport from Misconduct

The Athlete Ombudsman is available to offer athletes confidential advice about Safe-Sport rules, regulations, and allegations concerning:

  • How to file a report
  • Investigations and adjudication
  • Understanding NGB, USOC, Center for SafeSport, or criminal authorities involvement
  • Mandatory education requirements

What is SafeSport?

Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all participants. Through education, resources, and training, the USOC helps members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport.

What's Misconduct?

Sport offers individuals the chance to experience the joys of competition, teamwork and personal development. Every member of our community has a role in creating conditions that protect the physical and emotional well-being of athletes.

What makes this challenge so complex is that the human element in sport – the bonds that exist between coaches and athletes, and among teammates – can sometimes cause confusion about what actions are acceptable and what cross the line. That’s why recognizing and addressing misconduct in sport requires a team effort.

A critical step in addressing misconduct is being able to recognizing the specific actions that are qualified as misconduct. Misconduct can be in the form of: child sexual abuse; bullying, hazing, and harassment; and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.