Athlete Career and Education

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The ACE Program helps connect employers to a pipeline of dedicated, focused and world-class athletes, who are committed to teamwork and excellence. By offering flexible - yet meaningful - job opportunities, employers can play an important role in helping U.S. athletes transition from being a member of Team USA to a valuable member of your team.

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Why Hire a Team USA athlete?

Athletes are driven, motivated, and competitive individuals. The same traits that make them successful as athletes are coveted by top corporations around the world. Hiring based on these traits enables companies to consistently hire talent that naturally fits into their organization's culture and positively impacts their goals. ACE looks to engage with companies that embrace the athlete mindset to connect them more efficiently with these high performers.

Employment Opportunities

Career opportunities may either be part of existing programs or tailored specifically to Team USA athletes, including but not limited to:

Part-time, flexible employment

Many athletes training for upcoming summer and winter games need part-time flexible or remote jobs to provide income necessary to cover training and competition expenses. Athletes' schedules may permit them to work more during their off season and often little or not at all "in-season". Every sport is different and often the "hopefuls" or emerging elite are the athletes who most need jobs.

Full-time, management training programs

The transition to life after sport is extremely difficult and can be eased by a new career opportunity. Though many athlete's resumes are lacking the professional experience of their peers because of many years focused exclusively on training and competing, if provided the opportunity, retired Team USA athletes can bring their discipline, drive, motivation, determination and focus to benefit their new employer.