Athlete Career and Education

ACE Mentor Network

ACE Mentor Network aims to help current and retired Team USA athletes achieve their best during their career and through their post-athletic career transitions through one-to-one video, phone and email virtual coaching sessions with Olympians, Paralympians and industry professionals. 

Mentor Topics

  • Where to start after athletic retirement
  • Applying to graduate schools
  • Attracting sponsors and donors
  • Preparing for the Games
  • Managing agents and the business of sport
  • Post-career nutrition, fitness, and wellness
  • Training while working
  • Managing finance
  • Securing a job in specific industries
  • Transitioning from athlete to employee

How it Works

  1. Athletes schedule sessions with mentors by filtering through Network mentors by industries and topics (i.e. entrepreneurship, managing finances, etc.) or sports topics (making your first Olympic/Paralympic team) to find the perfect fit for their needs
  2. Confirmation emails are sent to both athlete and mentor with session date and time, link to the session, and a connection test link to ensure audio/visual is set up properly for the session
  3. Sessions are held a the scheduled time through the website via live video or phone