Athlete Career and Education

ACE Business Startup Bootcamp

The ACE Business Startup Workshop is a 2-day program ideal for Team USA athletes who are developing new business ventures and looking for tools to successfully launch and grow their companies. This year’s program will feature two sessions – Session 1 for athletes developing a business concept and Session 2 for athletes who have recently launched a business venture. Both workshop sessions will take place in San Diego, CA and are facilitated by ACE supporters Liz and Eric Gasser. ACE will not hold a workshop in 2020. Please stay tuned for future updates on entrepreneurship programming.


Current and future athlete entrepreneurs should download and review the Entrepreneur Quickstart Guide to access resources based on your business type and start answering some key questions.

Download the Entrepreneur Quickstart Guide

ACE connects Team USA athlete entrepreneurs to a trusted community of advisors ranging from venture capitalists to founders and CEOs. If you are interested in finding mentorship or becoming a mentor, reach out to Terris Tiller at

The International Olympic Committee's Athlete365 Business Accelerator is a three-stage entrepreneur journey funded by Olympic Solidarity that provides athletes with the platform to kick start and then supercharge their idea…

  • Sign up to access a free-to-use online course on entrepreneurship
  • Follow a guided step-by-step process to draft a good first business idea, regardless of your current experience
  • Successful applicants will be invited to attend a two-day workshop to develop their business plan* and participate in a four-week mentorship programme
  • Ten athletes will receive six months of accelerated mentoring with business experts from the Yunus Sports Hub network to turn the idea into reality
  • DeVry University's Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program helps students launch their own business! Taught by experienced business professors, coursework covers idea generation, opportunity assessment, market research, segmentation, raising capital and equity financing. Topics covered during the program include:

    • Entrepreneurial Execution
    • Venture Finance
    • Marketing and Exit Strategies