Program Overview

Taking place on May 2 of Team USA Week at the Washington Hilton, the Olympic & Paralympic Athlete Summit is comprised of a variety of personal and professional workshops aimed at supporting athletes off the field of play. This year’s Summit theme is “Telling Your Story”, which will be woven in throughout the program. Athletes will have the opportunity to learn how to leverage their athletic careers by developing their personal brand, to gain tools to navigate the job market, and to engage in discussions with their peers as they plan for their next steps, both in and out of sport.

Attendees will receive more updates about the event from, including how to download the event app which will house everything you need to know about the event. The app will feature a detailed agenda and speakers for Athlete Summit, your pertinent travel information, and your schedule and logistics for other events choose to participate in throughout Team USA Week.

To kick off the day and set the tone for the event, an athlete from each of the four Olympic and Paralympic Games will share the story of the journey to and through the Games, along with lessons learned from their experience that are helping to shape their future endeavors.

  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Ariel Atkins, Women’s Basketball
  • 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games: Joe Delagrave, Wheelchair Rugby
  • 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games: Evan Bates, Figure Skating
  • 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games: Dani Aravich, Biathlon, Cross Country Ski
The Athlete Town Hall implements design thinking strategy to interactively engage athletes in sharing their insights and feedback on USOPC programmatic solutions to support competitive and well-being objectives across multiple inflection points throughout the athlete journey.

Athletes will have the opportunity to select two in-depth learning sessions to further their athletic and post-athletic journey

  • More than Medals: Processing the Games | Speakers: Dr. Jess Bartley, Emily Clarke, Dr. Angel Brutus
  • The Money Mindset: Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Money | Speaker: Lauryn Williams, OLY, CFP
  • Elite Athlete to Elite Podcaster: How to Utilize Podcasting to Share Your Story and Monetize Your Experience | Speakers: Chris Chavez, Jeff & Callie Dauler
  • Crafting Your Story: Transforming Your Personal Journey into an Impactful Brand | Speaker: Lindsay Yaw Rogers, Raw Strategy
  • Succeeding at Work: How to Find a Company and a Job Where You Can Thrive | Speaker: Robin L. Silverman, Right Management
  • So Many Decisions, So Little Time: Navigating the Next Quad | Speakers: Dr. Julia Cawthra & Dr. Taryn Brandt, USOPC
  • Gunston East & WestBeyond The Likes: Using Social Media to Build Your Brand | Speakers: Sebastian Sam, Forever Athlete & Dana Giordano, More Than Running Podcast
  • You’re Hired! –Transforming Your Athletic Achievements into Marketable Skills | Speakers: Danielle Moser, ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions
  • Navigating the Marketing Ecosystem: How to Build Your Personal Brand Through Storytelling and Finding the Right Sponsor Relationships | Speakers: Dedra DeLilli, Russ Koble, Danielle DelVecchio, Toyota & Jen Jamula, GoldJam
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques to Help You Communicate With Confidence, Creativity and Clarity | Speaker: Steve Shenbaum, Game On Nation

This block will provide athletes with the opportunity to engage in smaller, micro-learning sessions on a variety of topics. Sessions consist of short lectures, roundtable discussions, and 1:1 appointments in an expo-like setting. Sessions include:

  • Business Startup 101 by Eric Gasser
  • Searching for Jobs as a Person with a Disability by Inclusively
  • Power of Athlete Representative by the AAC
  • Salesforce Trailheads by Salesforce
  • Interview Preparation by  Deloitte
  • Budgeting Basics by Goldman Sachs
  • Investing 101 by Goldman Sachs
  • USOPC Healthcare by USOPC Staff
  • NIL & Branded Opportunities by Opendorse
  • Networking Fundamentals by Manpower
  • Nail the Interview by Deloitte
The US Olympians and Paralympians Association will welcome the new classes of Olympians and Paralympians and celebrate returning members. This will serve as an opportunity to give new members an awareness of the family of Olympians and Paralympians and how the community extends beyond the moments of the 2020 and 2022 Games.
Athletes and guests will have the opportunity to engage in informal networking to celebrate and connect. The reception will be a great chance for athletes to follow up and dive deeper on topics presented earlier with presenters, partners, donors, and other guests. This space is a great opportunity for partners and donors to further engage with athletes on tangible resources and opportunities they can assist with.

Summit Expo Tables

A variety of informational and interactive booths will be available to athletes throughout the Summit experience. Tables will be hosted by the following groups, among others:

  • Athlete Services
    • Athlete Marketing Platform
    • Athlete Healthcare
    • Athlete Psychological Services
    • BetterUp
    • Athlete Career & Education & Manpower Group
  • Job Programs
    • Visa Olympic & Paralympic Business Development Program
    • LA28 Fellowship
    • USOPC Jobs
  • External Resources
    • Tuck Next Step
    • Salesforce
    • AirBnB
  • Athlete Rights & Representation
    • AAC
    • Ombuds Office
    • USADA
    • USOPA

Athlete Extension Experiences

Reinforcing the theme of "Telling Your Story", practical engagement activities to help athletes share their stories at the event and beyond will be available during the following times:

  • Sunday, May 1 from 1:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Monday, May 2 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm and 8:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Tuesday, May 3 from 12:30pm to 6:00pm

Activities and resources include:

Rapid Fire Questions - A content studio for athletes to answer rapid-fire questions that allows them to show their personality and share their story/background with fans. The output of this experience will be up to 30 seconds for athletes to download and post on their social channels.

Passport Experience - An experience for athletes to check off a certain amount of summit sessions to receive prizes! Along the way, they'll also be able to utilize the passport as a journal to capture notes and answer intentional questions about their experience.

Headshot Photos - Photo stations for athletes to take professional headshots that best represent them.

Podcast Row - Curate a space to go live from the Summit similar to Radio Row at football's biggest game. Select podcasts can host and connect with Olympians & Paralympians. Preference given to sport-based podcasts, particularly those hosted by athletes.

Business Cards & Social Graphics Packages - Athletes can receive a set of Team USA-branded printed business cards as well as a graphics package to utilize on social media and amplify the week. To generate storytelling, we'll provide daily challenges and caption prompts for athletes to share their "more".


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