Working Out With Team USA

Team USA and Chobani have teamed up to give you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what motivates and fuels U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes training to compete at the highest level. Follow along as they demonstrate their world-class workout routines, and start your journey to an active, healthy, Team USA-inspired lifestyle. Then, get the inside scoop on essential pre- and post-workout nutrition tips, as well as recipes that help our athletes gear up to go for the gold.


Team USA athletes share Chobani’s belief that you can only be great if you are full of goodness. It’s a philosophy of positivity and goodness. Team USA athletes know that no matter what challenges you encounter, with the right outlook: every struggle can make you stronger.  It’s all about surrounding yourself with good things, whether it’s the people you spend time with, the thoughts in your head, or the food you put in your body.

That’s why Chobani is proud to help support Team USA, providing delicious food made with only natural non-GMO ingredients, because positive nutrition and a positive mental attitude can help keep out the bad stuff and make room for the good. And on the road to victory, that can make all the difference.

Power Your Body Like Team USA