U.S. Paralympics Track & Field

Chelsea McClammer (left), Tatyana McFadden (center), and Amanda McGrory (right) celebrate a U.S. sweep at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Records & Rankings

U.S. Paralympics Track & Field National Records
Current American, Americas and world records for men's and women's events are available in the forms below:

U.S. Paralympics Track & Field Men's and Women's National Records

If there is a discrepancy in the National Records please click here to fill out our records discrepancy form.

World Records
World Records can only be set at WPA approved competitions in which a doping control officer is set up in advance.  There is no on call testing allowed for World Record validations.  If you are close to breaking a World Record in a Paralympic Games event for your classification please reach out to us at USParaTFInfo@usopc.org at least 4 weeks in advance of your approved competition to discuss options.  World Records can always be set at Grand Prix competitions, National Championships and U.S. Paralympics Trials competitions.

Click here for Americas Regional & World Records on the World Para Athletics website.

If a World Para Athletics (WPA) record is set, all forms and supplemental documentation must be submitted to Sherrice Fox at USParaTFInfo@usopc.org within 24 hours of the record.

U.S. Paralympics Track & Field National Rankings
U.S. Paralympics has developed U.S. athlete ranking lists based on validated performances. These ranking lists reflect marks accomplished at any track and field competition. Some of the competitions included are not World Para Athletics approved and therefore are not eligible for record validations or team selections. However, these ranking lists provide athletes with an idea of how they rank within the U.S. overall.

If there is a result missing that should be included in the ranking list, please complete the Proof of Performance Form.  The ranking list includes competitions that are both approved and not approved WPA competitions. The ranking also includes athletes who may not be classified. 

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