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Big White World Cup Results Tracker

By Kristen Gowdy | Feb. 11, 2022, 6:47 p.m. (ET)

Team USA competes in snowboardcross in Big White, Canada. (Photo: Andrew Jay/IPC)

The final para snowboard world cup of the year before the Paralympic Games kicks off in Big White, Canada, on Feb. 11 and runs through the 12th. Team USA athletes will compete both days in snowboardcross competition. 


Follow results from Canada with the Team USA tracker:


Friday, February 11 – Snowboardcross



Nicole Raab - women's SB-UL



Mike Minor – men's SB-UL

Courtney Godfrey – women's SB-LL2



Thomas Wilson  – men's SB-LL1

Garrett Geros – men's SB-LL2

Brittani Coury  – women's SB-LL2


Other results:

Colby Fields - 4th, men's SB-UL

Tyler Burdick - 4th, men's SB-LL1

Dennae Russell - 5th, women's SB-LL2
Joe Pleban - 5th, men's SB-LL2

Michael Spivey - 6th, men's SB-UL

Katlyn Maddry - 6th, women's SB-LL2


Saturday, February 12 – Snowboardcross



Nicole Raab - women's SB-UL



Tyler Burdick - men's SB-LL1



Garrett Geros - men's SB-LL2

Katy Maddry - women's SB-LL1/LL2


Other results:

Courtney Godfrey - 4th, women's SB-LL1/LL2

Mike Minor - 4th, men's SB-UL

Thomas Wilson - 4th, men's SB-LL1

Brittani Coury - 5th, women's SB-LL1/LL2

Colby Fields - 5th, men's SB-UL

Joe Pleban - 6th, men's SB-LL2

Dennae Russell - 6th, women's SB-LL1/LL2

Michael Spivey - 6th, men's SB-UL


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