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Pyha World Cup Results Tracker

By Kristen Gowdy | Dec. 11, 2021, 5:25 p.m. (ET)

Keith Gabel (right) on the medal stand after day one of competition in Pyha.



Team USA heads to Pyha, Finland for its second world cup of the 2021-2022 para snowboard season. The competition runs Dec. 11-12.



Follow results from Finland with the Team USA tracker:



Saturday, Dec.11 - Snowboardcross



Noah Elliott - men's LL1



Keith Gabel - men's LL2

Mike Minor - men's UL


Other results:

Evan Strong - 4th, men's LL2

Thomas Wilson - 8th, men's LL1

Zach Miller - 10th, men's LL2

Michael Spivey - 10th, men's UL

Garrett Geros - 13th, men's LL2

Joe Pleban - 17th, men's LL2


Sunday, Dec. 12 - Snowboardcross



Noah Elliott - men's LL1



Evan Strong - men's LL2


Other results:

Michael Spivey - 5th, men's UL

Garrett Geros - 6th, men's LL2

Thomas Wilson - 6th, men's LL1

Mike Minor - 8th, men's UL

Joe Pleban - 9th, men's LL2

Zach Miller - 11th, men's LL2

Keith Gabel - 12th, men's LL2



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