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Team USA Tracker – Ostend, Belgium

By Kristen Gowdy | May 05, 2022, 1:03 p.m. (ET)

Dennis Connors on top of the podium after his time trial race in Ostend, Belgium.

Team USA heads to Ostend, Belgium for their first world cup of the 2022 Para-cycling season. Competition runs from May 5-8.


Follow results from Belgium with the Team USA tracker:


Thursday, May 5 – Time Trials



Dennis Connors – men's T2

Ryan Pinney – men's H3


Alicia Dana – women's H3

Owen Daniels – men's H3

Other results:

Jill Walsh – 4th, women's T2

Jenna Rollman – 4th, women's H3

Freddie De Los Santos – 5th, men's H5

Travis Gaertner – 5th, men's H4

Brandon Lyons – 7th, men's H3

David Berling – 8th, men's H5

Jose Perez – 10th, men's H5

Josue Barron – 13th, men's H5


Friday, May 6 – Time Trials




Samantha Bosco – women's C4




Clara Brown – women's C3

John Terrell – men's C4


Other results:


Jamie Whitmore – 5th, women's C3

Christina Truesdale – 5th, women's C4

Todd Key – 6th, men's C1

Christopher Howard – 9th, men's C4

Kyle Pitman – 11th, men's C5

Noah Middlestaedt – 14th, men's C3

Chester Triplett (with guide Mark Anthony Sanchez) – 15th, men's B

Francis Reilly – 19th, men's C4


Saturday, May 7 – Road Race




Dennis Connors – men's T2

Jill Walsh – women's T2




Alicia Dana – women's H3


Other results:


Ryan Pinney – 5th, men's H3

Jenna Rollman – 6th, women's H3

Freddie De Los Santos – 6th, men's H5

David Berling – 10th, men's H5

Owen Daniels – 11th, men's H3

Josue Barron – 11th, men's H5

Jose Perez – 12th, men's H5

Travis Gaertner – DNF, men's H4

Brandon Lyons – DNF, men's H3


Sunday, May 8 - Road Race 


Sam Bosco - women’s C4



Clara Brown - women’s C3


Other finishes:

John Terrell - 2nd, men’s C4 *not eligible for podium due to sport class

Jamie Whitmore - 4th, women’s C3

Christina Truesdale - 5th, women’s C4

Kyle Pitman - 10th, men’s C5

Christopher Howard - 15th, men’s C4

Francis Reilly -18th, men’s C4
Chester Triplett - DNF, men's B

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