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Roundup: Skiers Loving The Early Season Snow In Saas-Fee

By Paul D. Bowker | Nov. 14, 2022, 1:07 p.m. (ET)

Jesse Keefe competes at the Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. (Photo: Joe Kusumoto)

Every other week we scour the web for the latest going on in the world of U.S. Para alpine skiing. Here’s what you missed!


Stress Free In Saas-Fee

Jesse Keefe, who made his Paralympic debut earlier this year in Beijing, found a refreshing moment during the U.S. Para alpine team’s training camp in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.


“Absolutely thriving in Saas-Fee,” he posted on Instagram.

Arriving in Saas-Fee for the start of a new season put two-time Paralympian Connor Hogan into a reflective mood.


“Things that make sacrifice and hard work worth it,” he wrote on Instagram. “Blood sweat and tears. Bad days aren’t talked about but the good days make it worth while.”

And here’s a great view of two-time Paralympian Andrew Haraghey in the snow at Saas-Fee to begin the new quad cycle heading toward the Paralympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026.


“Good to be back in Saas,” Haraghey posted on Instagram.


Prime Rib Pizza?

The best from Switzerland may come from Patrick Halgren, a 2022 Paralympian and Chef Gordon Ramsey wannabe, who found a way to combine prime rib and pizza.


“NAILING this euro thing,” he said on Instagram.


Don’t forget to click through the videos for a look at rollerblading and outside volleyball.

The one downside of Halgren being in Switzerland is he wasn’t able to add to his impressive record in costume contests this Halloween.


Maybe next year.


Pumpkin Time

Three-time Paralympian Andrew Kurka was in the Halloween spirit leading up to the October 31 holiday.


“It’s the season for pumpkin everything, and I love it.” he says.


Pumping Up Again

Three-time Paralympian Tyler Carter is back in the gym after retiring from competitive skiing following the Beijing Games.


Carter battled through injuries to ski in Beijing earlier this year, competing in the men’s downhill and giant slalom. Those injuries took a toll, but Carter is working on getting back to where he was a year ago.


“I don’t like admitting weakness,” he wrote. “And I hateee showing it. I kept saying to myself that I’ll post more when I’m back strong.”


Carter decided to post about the journey back to getting stronger instead of waiting until he’s there. And he was able to end the post with his sense of humor.


“Well a friend said that I should document this side of things instead of shying away from it. So here you go,” he wrote. “Ya got old man Captain America working on getting back to it. He’s gotta work a lot harder to earn ice cream.”


Hello, Winter

Winter is definitely coming.


That’s a reminder from Danelle Umstead, a four-time Paralympian and three-time medalist.


“Winter is coming!” Umstead posted on Instagram. “We have already had at least 8 inches of snow. Even though it melted we know it’s coming again.”

Paul D. Bowker

Paul D. Bowker has been writing about Olympic sports since 1996, when he was an assistant bureau chief in Atlanta. He is a freelance contributor to USParaAlpineSkiing.org on behalf of Red Line Editorial, Inc.