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Åre World Cup Team USA Tracker

By Kristen Gowdy | Jan. 29, 2022, 2:44 p.m. (ET)

Andrew Kurka competes in the World Para Snow Sports World Championships in Lillehammer, Norway. (Photo: Luc Percival)

Team USA heads to Åre, Sweden for its final world cup of the 2021-2022 Para alpine skiing season before the Paralympic Games Beijing 2022. Competition runs from Jan. 28-30. 


Follow results from Sweden with the Team USA tracker:


Jan. 28 - Super-G



Andrew Kurka - men's sitting

Laurie Stephens - women's sitting


Other results:

Allie Johnson - 5th, women's standing

Thomas Walsh - 5th, men's standing

Ravi Drugan - 9th, men's sitting

Spencer Wood - 10th, men's standing

Andrew Haraghey - 12th, men's standing

Kyle Taulman - 12th, men's sitting

Jesse Keefe - 15th, men's standing

Tyler Carter - 17th, men's standing

Patrick Halgren - 18th, men's standing

Connor Hogan - 20th, men's standing


DNF - David Williams, Robert Enigl


Jan. 29 - Giant Slalom



Laurie Stephens - women's sitting



Andrew Kurka - men's sitting


Other results:

Ravi Drugan - 6th, men's sitting

David Williams - 7th, men's sitting

Jesse Keefe - 11th, men's standing

Patrick Halgren - 13th, men's standing

Robert Enigl - 13th, men's sitting


DNF - Tyler Carter, Allie Johnson, Martin Moxley, Kyle Taulman


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