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St. Moritz World Cup Tracker

By Kristen Gowdy | Dec. 17, 2021, 2:24 p.m. (ET)

Laurie Stephens on the podium after taking third in giant slalom. (Photo: Sally Baumann)

Team USA kicks off its 2021-22 world cup season on December 17 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Competition begins with giant slalom on the 17th, and runs through Dec. 21. 

You can follow Team USA's results with our Team USA tracker:

Friday, December 17 - Giant Slalom

Laurie Stephens - women's sitting

Other results:
Thomas Walsh - 4th, men's standing
Ravi Drugan - 9th, men's sitting
Jesse Keefe - 24th, men's standing
Connor Hogan - 27th, men's standing
DNF - Andrew Kurka, Jasmin Bambur

Saturday , December 18 - Giant Slalom

Laurie Stephens - 5th, women's sitting
Ravi Drugan - 8th, men's sitting
Jesse Keefe - 15th, men's standing
Jasmin Bambur - 17th, men's sitting
Connor Hogan - 24th, men's standing
Andrew Haraghey - 26th, men's standing
DNF - Andrew Kurka, Thomas Walsh

Sunday, Dec. 19 - Giant Slalom

Laurie Stephens - 4th, women's sitting 

Thomas Walsh - 5th, men's standing 

Andrew Kurka - 5th, men's sitting 

Ravi Drugan - 10th, men's sitting 

Jesse Keefe - 19th, men's standing 

Connor Hogan - 24th, men's standing 

Monday, Dec. 20 - Slalom

Laurie Stephens, women's sitting

Thomas Walsh, men's standing

Other results:
Jasmin Bambur - 7th, men's sitting
Andrew Haraghey - 18th, men's standing
DNF - Ravi Drugan, Jesse Keefe

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