Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Without a National Governing Body for breaking, the USOPC assumes oversight on an interim basis of the breaking high-performance program in the U.S. 

As part of that oversight, the USOPC is responsible for ensuring the fair selection of breakers and teams for USOPC delegation events, including the Olympic Games and Pan American Games. The USOPC will remain in that role until an organization has been identified to assume that responsibility as an NGB. The USOPC is prepared to identify support and education to inform the breaking community leading into the Olympic program.

The USOPC acknowledges USA Dance as the National Federation for the sport of Breaking in the United States as recognized as a National Member Body (NMB) by the International Federation (IF) – the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF). Breaking for Gold (BfG) USA, organized by elite breakers, is the DanceSport Breaking Division of USA Dance. In order to attend WDSF events, elite breakers should contact or go here for membership. WDSF sanctioned events, outlined in corresponding qualification systems, will impact qualifying opportunities for the 2023 Pan American Games and the 2024 Olympic Games.
While there is no NGB, the USOPC is involved in the high-performance planning process. The USOPC may identify resources for elite athlete support and will determine the standards to qualify for such support.
The USOPC will continue to share information on this webpage as soon as it becomes available. For questions, contact
As we work through this process, we are soliciting feedback from a wide variety of sources. To date, that includes many individuals with experience from the breaking community, including athletes, parents, agents, coaches and administrators. If you have suggestions, please contact