As the Women's National Coach for USA Wrestling, I would like to invite and encourage young women wrestlers from across the nation to get more involved in USA Wrestling. You have decided that wrestling is а sport which you enjoy, and you would like to become а better wrestler. USA Wrestling can help you to reach your goals and open many new opportunities for you as get more involved.

USA Wrestling has а variety of competitions and training opportunities for young women wrestlers. These opportunities are not only in the American folkstyle of wrestling (also called scholastic wrestling), but also in freestyle wrestling, which is the style which is contested in colleges as well as at the Olympic Games. We are here to help guide you as you get more involved in our sport.

We offer а series of training camp opportunities for young women. All wrestlers can get involved in our All-National Camps (for ages 6-18). For young wrestlers who are seeking to improve themselves and learn more about the sport, 1 encourage you to attend an All-National Camp.

Each year, the USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle National Championships are held, for Кids level athletes, as well as Schoolgirls (13-14), Cadets (15-16) and Juniors (high school students). This is а great tournament which I encourage you to enter.

If you want to get better in our sport, wrestling freestyle will take you to an entirely new level. Competing in freestyle will expose you to college coaches and possible scholarships. It can expose you to travel and culture as well. lt will expose you to many of our current superstars in the sport. The opportunities are endless if you choose to get involved.

Trying freestyle wrestling at а young age will prepare you to be better а folkstyle wrestler. Wrestling Freestyle will improve your understanding of the sport of wrestling. It is more time on the mat and more time learning а healthy lifestyle. Wrestling is Wrestling! You will be better off if you are involved in this sport in the off-season or better yet year round. 1 guarantee that you will see marked improvements if you spend time on the mat throughout the spring and summer. You cannot replicate that extra mat time any way but to be on the mat.

For athletes who are talented and motivated, we have а tiered camp system for each age group that will progress you through our development pipeline. The top three athletes in each weight class in the nation are invited to these special training opportunities at the following age levels: UWW Cadet National Team Camps (ages 15-17), UWW Junior National Team Camps (ages 18-20) and Senior National Team Camps (17 and up).

The Body Bar Nationals is the freestyle competition which determines our UWW Cadet and UWW Junior Pan-American and World Teams. It also sets our National Team for both of these age groups, which includes the top three in each weight class. If you qualify for our national team, then the opportunities for you explode. You will be brought into camps and taken to competitions overseas during the course of the next year.

USA Wrestling's Cadet and Junior National Tournament in Fargo, N.D. is а great tournament for middle school and high school wrestlers. You must qualify for this event through the USA Wrestling state association in your state.

If you have further questions you can contact your State Chairperson or your state's Women's Director. You can always call USA Wrestling's National Office and contact one of the USA Wrestling Women’s Coaches.


Terry Steiner
USA Wrestling Women’s National Coach
(719) 598-8181