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This special program was implemented in the Fall of 1999, with the intent of offering opportunities to 18-24 year old Greco-Roman wrestlers that have the potential to win World and Olympic medals for the United States.

This program is designed to train young Greco-Roman wrestlers in an intense training environment, with an expert Greco-Roman Coach. The program offers, at the same time, the opportunity to receive a great college education from the University of Northern Michigan. We at USA Wrestling believe that this new program will be one of the keys to our future World and Olympic success. We look to the participants of this program to become our future Olympic Champions in Greco-Roman wrestling.

This University Resident Program works hand-in-hand with our Senior Greco-Roman Resident Program held at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Northern Michigan Program will grow each year and will become one of the most prestigious, most effective Greco-Roman training and education situations in USA Wrestling history.

Scholarship Information
Perspective students admitted into the Greco Roman Wrestling program for the NMU-OTS would receive the following as their awarded scholarship:

Room and Board
All athletes accepted into the resident team program will have their room and board paid for by the NMU-OTS.
Food for two semesters $4514.00
Room for two semesters $3847.00
Annual value of Scholarship: $8,361.00

Tuition and Fees (fall and winter 1999-2000)
The following is the example for tuition and fees to be paid by accepted athletes:
Resident Undergraduate
12-18 credit hours - $1573.05/semester (including fees)

Normal tuition costs for out-of-state students is $2791.05/semester (including fees) for 12-18 credit hours.

NMU will allow all athletes to pay tuition at the reduced in-state rate of $1573.05 for 12-18 credit hours each semester. Annual value of Tuition Scholarship $2436.00

Accepted Athletes in Resident Program
12-18 credit hours - $1573.05/semester (including fees)
All non-resident tuition and fee expenses are waived for athletes accepted into the Greco Roman Wrestling program.
A savings of approximately $1218.00/semester.
Total Scholarship: $10,797.00

The United States Olympic Committee Tuition Grant Program
All resident team athletes at Northern Michigan University (NMU-OTS) are able to apply for a tuition reimbursement from the USOC. These tuition grants are specifically earmarked for resident athletes at the NMU-OTS.

    Athletes also enjoy the following privileges:
  • Training Facilities- strength and conditioning
  • Sports Medicine
  • USOC Athletic trainer support
  • Academic Coordinator support
  • USOC Sports Nutrition
  • Local Airport Transportation
  • Use of one refrigerator and one color television per room.