USA Wrestling

CIS Canadian Women's College Teams

Ranked On: 11/10/2004
Ranked By: Todd Hinds

1. Simon Fraser
2. Calgary
3. Brock
4. Regina
5. Western
6. Alberta
7. Guelph
8. Saskatchewan
9. Lakehead
10. Memorial

Commentary published with the rankings
Like the Men's rankings, the Women's national ranking remain the same near the top.  At the Dino Open on October 30th, SFU showed their dominance over the other Western teams, but Calgary was missing a few athletes due to injury.  Again, this will be an exciting rivalry to watch throughout the year.  Other teams like Brock and Regina also remain highly ranked though we have not seen much activity from them yet.  However, in the coming weeks we will see some results from the National Dual Tournament, hosted by Francis Clayton at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay on November 20th, which includes the top teams from across the country as well as a few American Colleges.  A good team to watch is Western, who is a solid team with a few key additions.  Guelph can not be overlooked who has Tara Hedican who is a long standing National Team Member. 
SFU hosts their own competition this weekend, the Clansmen International, which was previously mentioned in the men's ranking.  They are welcoming a few key American athletes, such as Sally Roberts from Colorado Springs, ranked number 3 in the USA.  Also expected are a few of the top Ontario athletes to make the trip as it is one of the top competitions of the year.