USA Wrestling

CIS Canadian Women's College Teams

Ranked On: 12/7/2004
Ranked By: Todd Hinds

1. Simon Fraser 1 (Previous ranking)
2. Calgary 2 (Previous ranking)
3. Regina 4 (Previous ranking)
4. Lakehead 9 (Previous ranking)
5. Western 5 (Previous ranking)
6. Alberta 6 (Previous ranking)
7. Saskatchewan 8 (Previous ranking)
8. Brock 3 (Previous ranking)
9. Guelph 8 (Previous ranking)
10. Memorial 7 (Previous ranking)

Commentary with rankings
The top 3 Teams in the CIS hail from the West. Simon Fraser and Calgary have a lock on the top two spots while Regina is proving to be a high ranking contender. Excellent recruiting has made this team a threat by adding rookies Hajar Ashtani 48 kg who is an international student coming from Finland. Regina also has Ali Bernard who is the reigning U.S. Senior National Champion at 67 kg (CIS weight 70 kg).
Lakehead and Western take the next two spots in the top ten. The results from the Lakehead University’s Challenge Cup reflect their rank, but the battle will be close for the OUAA Championship. The definitive factor between these two teams is whether or not Belinda Chow is in the line for Western. If she is, Western will place higher than Lakehead. Like wise, Brock University can contend for the conference title once their line up comes together. A few national team members could be waiting in the wings.
Alberta can easily climb back up the rankings if they include Erica Sharp. Alberta has a solid team with Heidi Kulak 65 kg and rookie Holly Battig at 61, both former age group National Champions. Rounding out the top ten are Saskatchewan, Guelph and Memorial. Individual rankings are coming soon.