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CIS Canadian Women's college individuals

Ranked On: 1/26/2005
Ranked By: Todd Hinds

48 kg is lead by veteran Krista Wells of Calgary. Wells had a tough match with the number 2 ranked Hajar Ashtani, one of Regina’s international students who hails from Finland, but Wells ended up on top in that bout back in November and takes the number 1 spot. Then competing for the nationally ranked 3rd spot is McKiligan from Simon Fraser and Asken from McGill. McKilligan squeaked out a win back at the Clansmen International, which gives her the number 3.

48 kg
1. Krista Wells, Calgary
2. Hajar Ashtani, Regina
3. Ashley McKiligan, Simon Fraser
4. Hana Asken, McGill
5. Laura Skoplianos, Western
6. Joanne Yanke, Saskatchewan

53 kg has National Team member, Eric Sharp ranked number one. Sarah White from SFU and Terri McNutt will battle it out for the number 2 spot and then you have King, Miller and Wells who can also compete for a medal.

53 kg
1. Erica Sharp, Alberta
2. Sarah White, Simon Fraser
3. Terri McNutt, Western
4. Alana King, Brock
5. Randi Miller, Regina
6. Shelby Wells, Saskatchewan

57 kg is an interesting weight class. Heather Sweezey from Brock is ranked number 1, but then you have 3 other experienced wrestlers that could very easily walk away with the Gold Medal. Chou, Laverdure and Peterson are top contenders. Young, Jillian Gallays and Amanda Burke round out the ranking.

57 kg
1. Heather Sweezey, Brock
2. Belinda Chou, Western
3. Brit Laverdure, Calgary
4. Jessica Peterson, Simon Fraser
5. Jillian Gallays, Saskatchewan
6. Amanda Burke, McMaster

61 kg is not only the toughest weight division in the CIS, but at the conference level as well. National Team Member, Emily Richards, takes top honors, but there is the talk of Olympian, Tonya Verbeek, who has yet to wrestle this season, could be in the line up for Brock. Very interesting. Ranking 2nd through 6th has many young talented prospects who may find it tough to get through to the CIS Championship.

61 kg
1. Emily Richardson, Simon Fraser
2. Ellen Marco, McMaster
3. Justine Bouchard, Calgary
4. Holly Battig, Alberta
5. Amy Dyck, Saskatchewan
6. Melody McCague, Lakehead

65 kg gives top honors to Tara Hedican. Hedican has been a long time Canadian National Team Member for Guelph, but the division will still be competitive. Dolan from Brock always gives Hedican a run for her money, while Kulak from Alberta has beaten Dolan. Talented Angela Mah, from Simon Fraser, may be out sized, but should be competitive as will Regina’s Bakker and Eade from Lakehead.

65 kg
1. Tara Hedican, Guelph
2. Heidi Kulak, Alberta
3. Megan Dolan, Brock
4. Angela Mah, Simon Fraser
5. Theresa Bakker, Regina
6. Tasha Eade, Lakehead

70 kg is another interesting division. Buydens from Saskatchewan is 1-1 this season with Regina’s star, Ali Bernard. With Buydens winning their last encounter. Bernard hails from Minnesota and was last year’s U.S. Senior National Champion. Bernard will be a threat for a National Championship at either 70 kg or 80 kg, depending on what weight she wrestles. Bernard has beaten McManus and Howorun, while Buydens is also 1-1 with McManus, winning their last encounter as well. Howorun has beaten McManus. Confusing? Yes. It’s a good weight division. Jacklyn Hedges and Emily McCaugue round out the top 6.

70 kg
1. Megan Buydens, Saskatchewan
2. Ali Bernard, Regina
3. Stephanie Howorun, McMaster
4. Ashlea McManus, Simon Fraser
5. Jacklyn Hedge, Alberta
6. Emily McCaugue, Lakehead

The 80 kg weight division is dependent upon Ali Bernard of Regina who could end up wrestling at this division. However, Megan Goldsmith of Calgary, also an American import, takes the number 1 ranking at 80 kg. Shayla Turcotte, Jenn Hanson and Dani Gurski are all competitive and can make a run for the Gold. Ashworth and Holinaty are also solid top ranking wrestlers.

80 kg
1. Megan Goldsmith, Calgary
2. Shayla Turcotte, Simon Fraser
3. Jenn Hanson - Brock
4. Dani Gurski, Saskatchewan
5. Leanne Ashworth – Guelph
Carissa Holinaty, Regina