USA Wrestling U.S. women's college individual ranking

Ranked On: 3/29/2002
Ranked By:

48 kg (105.5 lbs.)
1. Clarissa Chun, junior (Missouri Valley)
2. Katrina Betts, freshman (UM-Morris)
3. Kristen Fujioka, freshman (Pacific)
4. Kera Pemberton, freshman (Neosho County)
5. Audrey Carrasco, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
6. Liz Short, freshman (UM-Morris)
7. Rachel Bernardes, junior (Missouri Valley)
8. Becky D’Ambrosio, freshman (Cumberland College)

51 kg (112 lbs.)
1. Patricia Miranda, senior (Stanford)
2. Jenny Wong, junior (Lock Haven)
3. Marianne Vollmer, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
4. Katie Kunimoto, junior (Pacific)
5. Keli Hinton, freshman (UM-Morris)
6. Sarah Hayes, junior (Cumberland College)
7. Bior Guigni, freshman (Menlo College)
8. Audrey Pang, freshman (Princeton)

55 kg (121 lbs.)
1. Jessica Shirley, freshman (Cumberland College)
2. Sarah Tolin, freshman (Neosho County)
3. Jill Remiticado, junior (Pacific)
4. Desi Lockhart, freshman (Pacific)
5. Lisa Ward, freshman (Missouri Valley)
6. Katie Ross, sophomore (UM-Morris)
7. Lisa Bisers, freshman (Johns Hopkins)
8. Jillian Yost, sophomore (AIC)

59 kg (130 lbs.)
1. Tela O’Donnell, freshman (Pacific)
2. Erin Tomeo, freshman (Lock Haven)
3. Kiersten Hyatt, junior (Missouri Valley)
4. Erin Soli, freshman (Missouri Valley)
5. Amanda Noteware, freshman (Princeton)
6. Jennifer Steele, freshman (Neosho County)
7. Lisa Neuberger, freshman (UM-Morris)
8. Phoebe Liles-Wilkins, freshman (Menlo College)

63 kg (138.5 lbs.)
1. Sara McMann, senior (Lock Haven)
2. Sally Roberts, junior (Pacific)
3. Tori Adams, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
4. Tina Arnds, junior (Missouri Valley)
5. Sara Williams, freshman (Missouri Valley)
6. Jennifer Wormwood, freshman (AIC)
7. Leigh Jaynes, junior (Missouri Valley)
8. Emily Black, freshman (Neosho County)

67 kg (147.5 lbs.)
1. Toccara Montgomery, freshman (Cumberland College)
2. Katie Downing, senior (UM-Morris)
3. Kaci Lyle, sophomore (Pacific)
4. Mollie Keith, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
5. Katie Babits, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
6. Stephanie Bolton, sophomore (Cumberland College)
7. Ashley Sword, freshman (Missouri Valley)
8. Crystal Turkal, freshman (Missouri Valley)

72 kg (158.5 lbs.)
1. Samantha Branka, junior (UM-Morris)
2. Randi Miller, freshman (Neosho County)
3. Donnell Bradley, junior (Missouri Valley)
4. Issa Alvarez, sophomore (Cumberland College)
5. Jessica Lawton (Mt. Union)
6. Emily Barna, junior (Messiah)
7. Brandi Golt, freshman (Missouri Valley)

77 kg (169.5 lbs.)
1. Jenna Pavlik, freshman (Lock Haven)
2. Nina Vernon, junior (Missouri Valley)
3. Hillary Leith, freshman (Missouri Valley)
4. Alicia Wilson, freshman (UM-Morris)
5. Wendy Hunter, freshman (Cumberland College)
6. Dana Tate (Messiah)

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Eligibility: Athletes who are considered for ranking are eligible full-time college students, and are members of their college women’s varsity or club program, or a member of their college men’s wrestling team.

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