USA Wrestling U.S. Women's College Individuals

Ranked On: 12/16/2002
Ranked By:

48 kg (105.5 lbs.)
1. Mary Kelly, freshman (Neosho County)
2. Liz Short, sophomore (UM-Morris)
3. Tanya Miyasaki, freshman (Menlo College)
4. Kristen Fujioka, sophomore (Pacific)
5. Becky D’Ambrosio, sophomore (Cumberland College)
6. Rachel Bernardes, senior (Missouri Valley)
7. Amantha Hordagoda, freshman (Cal-Bakersfield)
8. Reona Kumagai, freshman (Princeton)

51 kg (112 lbs.)
1. Sarah Hayes, senior (Cumberland College)
2. Patrice Crenshaw, sophomore (UM-Morris)
3. Audrey Pang, sophomore (Princeton)
4. Keli Hinton, sophomore (UM-Morris)
5. Erin Soli, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
6. Colleen McKinney, freshman (Cumberland College)
7. Tabathia Ramsey, freshman (UM-Morris)
8. Yvette Madrid, freshman (Neosho County)

55 kg (121 lbs.)
1. Marcie Van Dusen, junior (UM-Morris)
2. Jessica Shirley, sophomore (Cumberland College)
3. Melina Hutchison, sophomore (Menlo College)
4. Lindsey Owens, freshman (Menlo College)
5. Jill Remiticado, senior (Pacific)
6. Linse Meadows, freshman (Neosho County)
7. Marianne Vollmer, junior (Missouri Valley)
8. Sarah Tolin, sophomore (Neosho County)

59 kg (130 lbs.)
1. Kiersten Hyatt, senior (Missouri Valley)
2. Brooke Bogren, freshman (Cumberland College)
3. Jamie Alvesteffer, junior (Cumberland College)
4. Desi Lockhart, sophomore (Pacific)
5. Sharon Jacobson, freshman (UM-Morris)
6. Raquel Magdaleno, freshman (Menlo College)
7. Jennifer Miyahara, freshman (Pacific)
8. Shelly Ruberg, freshman (Cumberland College)

63 kg (138.5 lbs.)
1. Alaina Berube, freshman (Cumberland College)
2. Tina Arnds, senior (Missouri Valley)
3. Leigh Jaynes, senior (Missouri Valley)
4. Ranae Faaborg, freshman (UM-Morris)
5. Sara Williams, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
6. Dina Tavera, freshman (Menlo College)
7. Issa Alvarez, junior (Cumberland College)
8. Emily Rinehart, freshman (Missouri Valley)

67 kg (147.5 lbs.)
1. Mollie Keith, junior (Missouri Valley)
2. Elena Mena, freshman (Neosho County)
3. Randi Miller, sophomore (Neosho County)
4. Lisa Bisers, sophomore (Johns Hopkins)
5. Aja Smith, freshman (Cumberland College)
6. Brandi Golt, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
7. Kelly Branham, freshman (Missouri Valley)
8. Hillary Broad, junior (Hawaii)

72 kg (158.5 lbs.)
1. Toccara Montgomery, sophomore (Cumberland College)
2. Alicia Mena, freshman (Neosho County)
3. Donnell Bradley, junior (Missouri Valley)
4. Megan Goldsmith, freshman (UM-Morris)
5. Beth Deroy, freshman (Cumberland College)
6. Jessi Clifton, freshman (Cumberland College)

77 kg (169.5 lbs.)
1. Hillary Leith, sophomore (Missouri Valley)
2. Jenna Pavlik, sophomore (Lock Haven)
3. Wendy Hunter, sophomore (Cumberland College)
4. Holly Kenneda, freshman (Neosho County)

Dates of publication: Nov. 20, Dec. 16, Jan. 20, Feb. 20, March 20, May 20

Eligibility: Athletes who are considered for ranking are eligible full-time college students, and are members of their college women’s varsity or club program, or a member of their college men’s wrestling team.

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