USA Wrestling

W.I.N. Magazine's Top Twenty-Five Div. I Teams

Ranked On: 1/21/2003
Ranked By: WIN Magazine

1. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Iowa (2nd)
3. Oklahoma (11th)
4. Minnesota (3rd)
5. Lehigh (5th)
6. Ohio State (6th)
7. Cornell (4th)
8. Illinois (8th)
9. Arizona State (14th)
10. Michigan (10th)
11. Iowa State (15th)
12. West Virginia (12th)
13. Nebraska (7th)
14. Central Michigan (9th)
15. Michigan State (20th)
16. Boise State (21st)
17. Northern Iowa (16th)
18. Purdue (18th)
19. Penn State (13th)
20. Missouri (19th)
21. Hofstra (17th)
22. Wisconsin (22nd)
23. Pennsylvania (NR)
24. Indiana (24th)
25. Kent State (NR)

The rankings are formulated on input from coaches across the country and by analyzing past results. Individuals and teams are ranked according to placement potential at the NCAAs. To follow the weekly rankings during the season, go to our website at