USA Wrestling

Wrestling NCAA Div. I Rankings

Ranked On: 1/21/2002
Ranked By: John Henning

COMMENTARY: Top 20 Teams
The National Duals have developed into a truly marquee event for the college wrestling season. Everything the promoters envisioned has come to fruition: great team drama, tremendous individual battles between most of the top talent, and solving some tough NCAA seeding decisions. Not to recognize the results of this great event would be an injustice, therefore, the first eight are “automatic” Minnesota just dominated a very strong field. Regardless of any off the mat problems, the Gophers look invincible. Host Ohio State is living up to the early season hype of this ranking service. The Buckeyes are very solid in all ten weights. Iowa is beginning to come together, although not as dominant as in the past, they nonetheless will be in the hunt in March. It’s too bad the Cyclones had to continually forfeit 125, because Iowa State is a fun team to watch, still, itíss difficult to rate their true potential. Michigan blew by the Hawkeyes with their balance, but didnítt match-up well with Iowa State. The Wolv erines, like Ohio State, have ìbbroken through.î Oklahoma under-achieved, but given the competition, there is no room for error. The Sooners have plenty of talent. The Cowboys are this yearíss enigma team. Oklahoma State just did not put it all together on this weekend and are not competitive with the elite at a couple of weights. The University of Pennsylvania of the EIWA/Ivy conference, showed why they were ranked in the top 10. This may be their best team ever. Arizona State edged Lehigh on criteria and both showed both bright spots and an Achilles heel during the duals, yet both the Sun Devils and the Engineers have top line talent.

Teams to watch second half: Fresno State, Central Michigan, Illinois, Cornell, Hofstra, Oregon State

Teams ready to make a move: Iowa, Lehigh, Purdue, Oregon, Boise State, Harvard

1. Minnesota
2. Ohio State
3. Iowa
4. Iowa State
5. Michigan
6. Oklahoma
7. Oklahoma State
8. Univ. of Pennsylvania
9. Arizona State
10. Lehigh
11. West Virginia
12. Missouri
13. Northern Iowa
14. Michigan State
15. Central Michigan
16. Illinois
17. Lock Haven
18. Nebraska
19. Hofstra
20. Edinboro

COMMENTARY: Top 20 Individuals
Stephen Abas, may indeed, win his third NCAA title, but the gap appears to be closing with the rest of the field. Abas, who was once viewed as untouchable, has had several close bouts in recent weeks. Several highly ranked men lost to lower ranked men, including Chad Erickson, Eric Larkin, JaMarr Billman, Jared Frayer, Josh Koscheck, Rick Springman, Josh Lambrecht, Jon Trenge, and Steve Mocco. In some cases, rankings were affected, in other cases a ìttrue upsetî will help the winner move up rather than penalize the victim.

One thing for certain: 125 is full of talent.

Keep an eye on: Arizona State's Mike Simpson, Iowa's Cliff Moore, Navy's Mark Conley, Ohio State's Keaton Anderson, Michigan's Ryan Bertin, Lehigh's Chris Vitale, West Virginia's Greg Jones, Minnesota's Damion Hahn, Oklahoma State's Willie Gruenwald, and Penn's Matt Feast.

1 - Stephen Abas, Fresno State
2 -LeRoy Vega, Minnesota
3 -Matt Ridings, Oklahoma U.
4 -Ben Vombaur, Boise State
5 -Chris Fleeger, Purdue
6 -Jason Powell, Nebraska
7 -Skylar Holman, Oklahoma State
8 -Tony Black, Wisconsin
9 -Luke Eustice, Iowa
10-Mike Simpson, Arizona State
11-Mason Lenhard, Penn
12-Shaun Williams, Oregon
13-Greg Schaefer, Indiana
14-Chris Williams, Michigan State
15-Jesse Leng, Ohio State
16-Mike May, Pittsburgh
17-Tom Noto, Hofstra
18-Ty Malia, Iowa State
19-Twan Pham, Illinois
20-Mario Stuart, Lehigh

1 -Ryan Lewis, Minnesota
2 -Johnny Thompson, Oklahoma State
3 -Witt Durden, Oklahoma U.
4 -Kevin Black, Wisconsin
5 -Cliff Moore, Iowa
6 -David Douglas, Arizona State
7 -Rad Martinez, Clarion
8 -Foley Dowd, Michigan
9 -Zach Roberson, Iowa State
10-Jeff Ratliff, Ohio State
11-Nathan Navarro. Oregon State
12-Mark Manchio, Northern Iowa
13-Josh Moore, Penn State
14-Phil Mansueto, Cleveland State
15-Ryan LíAAmoreaux, Michigan State
16-Derrick Hayes, Fresno State
17-Travis Drake, Appalachian State
18-Jordan Webster, Central Michigan
19-Cory Ace, Edinboro
20-Mark Jayne, Illinois

1 -Eric Larkin, Arizona State
2 -Mark Conley, Navy
3 -Sean Gray, Virginia Tech
4 -Robert Sessley, Ohio State
5 -Chad Erickson, Minnesota
6 -Aaron Holker, Iowa State
7 -Cedric Haymon, Cal Poly
8 -Mike Maney, Lock Haven
9 -Nate Parker, Oklahoma U.
10-Coyte Cooper, Indiana
11-Dylan Long, Northern Iowa
12-Shane Cunanan, West Virginia
13-Nick Boucher, Cleveland State
14-Chad Caros, Edinboro
15-Jon Masa, Hofstra
16-Grant Hoerr, Wisconsin
17-Philip Simpson, Army
18-Casey Horn, Oregon State
19-J.P. Reese, Missouri
20-Jason Mestor, Central Michigan

1 -Mike Zadick, Iowa
2 -Jared Lawrence, Minnesota
3 -Keaton Anderson, Ohio State
4 -JaMarr Billman, Lock Haven
5 -Jared Frayer, Oklahoma U.
6 -Jesse Jantzen, Harvard
7 -Billy Maldonado, Iowa State
8 -Mike Kulczycki, Michigan
9 -Jeremy Spates, Missouri
10 -Joe Henson, Penn
11 -Karl Nadolsky, Michigan State
12 -Jerrod Sanders, Oklahoma State
13 -Jake Percival, Ohio U.
14 -Marc Hoffer, American
15 -Scott Frohardt, Air Force
16 -Ryan Berger, Illinois
17 -Jason DeBruin, Hofstra
18 -Mike Pirozzola, Lehigh
19 -Collin Robertson, Boise State
20 - Billy Smith, West Virginia

1 -Bryan Snyder, Nebraska
2 -Yoshi Nakamura, Penn
3 -Luke Becker, Minnesota
4 -Shane Roller, Oklahoma State
5 -Ryan Bertin, Michigan
6 -Matt Anderson, Iowa
7 -Rocky Smart, Arizona State
8 -Josh Janson, Ohio State
9 - Scott Owen, Northern Illinois
10-Joe Carr, West Virginia
11-Doug Cieleski, Oklahoma U.
12-David Bolyard, Central Michigan
13-Griff Powell, Illinois
14-Derek Jenkins, Rider
15-Adam Britt, Virginia Military Institute
16-Ryan Smith, Ohio U.
17-Mike Tolar, Kent State
18-Levi Prevost, Wyoming
19-Kenny Burleson, Missouri
20-Warren Stout, Lehigh

1 -Joe Heskett, Iowa State
2 -Tyrone Lewis, Oklahoma State
3 -Matt Lackey, Illinois
4 -Chris Vitale, Lehigh
5 -Tom Mc Math, West Virginia
6 -Eugene Harris, Oregon
7 -John Clark, Ohio State
8 -Charles Martelli, Michigan
9 - Robbie Waller, Oklahoma U.
10-Josh Henson, Penn
11-John Hardy, Minnesota
12-Tyrone Woodley, Missouri
13-Carol Fronhofer, Pittsburgh
14-Matt King, Edinboro
15-Nick Frost, Arizona State
16-Burt Pierson, Cal-Davis
17-John Garriques, Hofstra
18-Nick Nemeth, Kent State
19-Pierre Pryor, North Carolina State
20-Nate Lawrenz, Northern Iowa

1- Otto Olson, Michigan
2- Josh Koscheck, Edinboro
3- Rick Springman, Penn
4- Greg Jones, West Virginia
5- Jacob Volkman, Minnesota
6- Greg Parker, Princeton
7- Jeff Rusak, Old Dominion
8- Jim Stanec, Cornell
9-Ty Wilcox, Oklahoma State
10-Tyler Nixt, Iowa
11-Ryan Lange, Purdue
12-Steve Strange, Cal Poly
13-Nathan Coy, Oregon State
14-John Kopnisky, Missouri
15-Gerald Harris, Cleveland State
16-Brad Dillon, Lehigh
17-Michael Barger, Oklahoma U.
18-Eric Hauan, Northern Iowa
19-Terry Parnham, Air Force
20-Nick Passolano, Iowa State

1 -Victor Sveda, Indiana
2- Damion Hahn, Minnesota
3 -Andy Hrovat, Michigan
4 -Jessman Smith, Iowa
5 -Josh Lambrecht, Oklahoma U.
6 -Pat Popolizio, Oklahoma State
7 -Scott Justus, Virginia Tech
8 -Rob Rohn, Lehigh
9 -Clint Wattenberg, Cornell
10-Mark Becks, Penn State
11-Kyle Hansen, Northern Iowa
12-Dan Stine, Pittsburgh
13-Austen Palmer, Iowa State
14-Travis Pascoe, Nebraska
15-Jeremy Wilson, Portland State
16-Ralph DeNisco, Wisconsin
17-Anton Talamantes, Ohio State
18-Ben Heizer, Northern Illinois
19-Tom Tanis, Rutgers
20-Josh Millard, Lock Haven

1 -Cael Sanderson, Iowa State
2 -Jon Trenge, Lehigh
3 -Owen Elzen, Minnesota
4 -Nick Preston, Ohio State
5 -Scott Barker, Missouri
6 -Kyle Smith, Michigan
7 -Justin Ruiz, Nebraska
8 -Dave Shunamon, Edinboro
9 - Ty Matthews, Indiana
10-Nik Fekete, Michigan State
11-Eric Gladish, Arizona State
12-Chris Stretkowicz, Hofstra
13-Ryan Fulsaas/Trey Clark, Iowa
14-Tom Grossman, Oklahoma U.
15-Willie Gruenwald, Oklahoma State
16-Matt Greenberg, Cornell
17-Chris Jones, Drexel
18-David Sandberg, Pittsburgh
19-Anthony Reynolds, Sacred Heart
20-Greg Sawyer, Rider

1 -Tommy Rowlands, Ohio State
2 -Leonce Crump, Oklahoma U.
3 -Steve Mocco, Iowa
4 -John Lockhart, Illinois
5 -Garrett Lowney, Minnesota
6 -Jake Vercelli, Purdue
7 -Jason Cooley, Oregon State
8 -Matt Brink, Michigan
9 -Kellan Fluckiger, Arizona State
10 -Paul Hynek, Northern Iowa
11 - Kevin Hoy, Air Force
12 -Dawid Rechul, Harvard
13 -Eric Webb, Oregon
14 -Matt Feast, Penn
15 -Kevin Herron, Missouri16
16 -Matt Knauer, Iowa State
17 - James Huml, Oklahoma State
18 -John Testa, Clarion
19 -Russ Davie, Cleveland State
20 - Bronson Ligamfelter, Brown